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Agra Weather Today

Find out the complete Agra weather forecast for today including temperature, rain chances, air quality, sunrise/sunset times and more.

Wondering how the weather will be like in Agra today? As an Agra resident let me give you a detailed update on our city’s weather forecast today:

Weather in Agra Today

  • Agra is expected to have a partly cloudy sky throughout the day. Chances of light rainfall are minimal.
  • Daytime temperatures will be high with maximum temperature around 36 degree Celsius.
  • Minimum temperature will settle around 26 degree Celsius.
  • Winds will be light and blow from the southeast direction at 8-12 km/hr.
  • Humidity levels will be moderately high ranging between 50% to 65%.
  • Sunrise in Agra today will be at 5:24 AM while sunset will take place at 6:46 PM.
  • The overall air quality is likely to be in the ‘satisfactory’ category as per the Air Quality Index (AQI).
  • However, areas near highways may experience ‘moderate’ AQI due to traffic pollution.
  • No rainfall is forecasted during the day or night today in Agra.

To summarize, Agra is expected to have hot and humid weather today with a partly cloudy sky. No significant rainfall likely. I hope this detailed weather update helps you plan your day in Agra better. Stay safe!

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