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Beeble AI: AI Image Editing with Ease

If you work with images, videos or any kind of visual content, you know that lighting can make or break the final product. Getting the lighting just right is crucial, but can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

This is where groundbreaking new AI technology from Beeble AI comes in. In this post, we’ll explore how Beeble AI is transforming image relighting and compositing using the power of artificial intelligence.

What is Beeble AI?

Beeble AI is an AI-powered virtual production platform created to simplify visual effects through advanced AI relighting capabilities.

Using neural networks and deep learning, Beeble AI can realistically relight images and video footage to adjust or transform the lighting.

This makes it possible to compose disparate visual elements into a cohesive final image or scene.

Key Benefits of Beeble AI

Here are some of the main benefits and capabilities provided by Beeble AI’s image relighting AI:

  • Realistic relighting – Beeble AI can convincingly relight images in a photorealistic manner that blends seamlessly with the existing lighting.
  • Intuitive controls – The relighting process is intuitive and accessible even for beginners through sliders and controls.
  • Speed – Relighting can be done in real-time, saving hours of work.
  • Flexibility – Choose from several relighting techniques including HDRI, portrait lighting transfer or custom lighting setups.
  • Accuracy – Massive training datasets result in accurate scene lighting adapted to the desired mood and tone.

SwitchLight – Effortless AI Relighting

One of the standout offerings from Beeble AI is SwitchLight, launched in 2023. SwitchLight makes AI-powered relighting available to anyone through a highly intuitive interface.

With SwitchLight, seamlessly adapt the lighting of any image by choosing from curated lighting presets or using manual controls.

Create professional, dramatic lighting effects in just seconds with this one-click relighting tool.

Use Cases and Applications

Beeble AI and SwitchLight open up exciting possibilities for:

  • Cinematographers and filmmakers
  • Photographers and content creators
  • Graphic artists and designers
  • Advertising and marketing professionals

The applications are endless – product visualization, graphic design, virtual production, photography enhancement, and more.


Beeble AI is transforming creative and production workflows through the power of AI relighting.

With its advanced deep learning models and intuitive tools like SwitchLight, realistic and dynamic lighting effects are now possible within seconds.

This enables artists and creators to enhance their visual media and unlock lighting possibilities like never before. The lighting future is bright with Beeble AI!

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