WordPress के लिए Best SEO Plugins 2021

Best SEO Plugins For Wordpress

The right plugins can greatly improve the efficiency and the look and functionality of your website. The wrong plugins can give you problems. As a general rule only use plugins that are well-reviewed are compatible with your theme and they are well supported.

Best SEO Plugins For WordPress
Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

I only use free plugins and these fall into three broad categories. These are:-

  1.  Security
  2. Funcitionality
  3. SEO

1) Security

As wordpress is open source platform for blogger, we need to keep our security tight. We are responsible ourselves if something happens in our site. So for this, I use three plugins to protect all of my sites.

Wordfence Security

It has a free and a Pro plan. The free plan provides quite a high level of protection straight out of the box with its own default settings. It’s got a 100 percent protection against brute force attacks, for example the setting options are quite extensive and they’re best explored yourself using the word friends help service on line. This is where they recommend optimal settings. You even can see how many attacks a site has had in a months in the plugin’s dashboard. Worldwide the plugin blocks about 70 million attacks every single day.

Prevent XSS Vulnerability

I use a seperate plugin to guard against XSS Vulnerability attacks which protects against code script manipulation.

Note:- We don’t have to fully understand the precise nature of these attacks. The plugin is simple activated and forgotten.

WP Anti-Clickjack

As If you’re building a niche site depending on links to products that I affiliate to. I use an anti-click jack plugin. Click checking is when a hacker plays a iFrame over your page that is identical to it. When a user clicks on your banner it is redirected to the hacker site ie. that click has been hijacked.

Now we move on to the SEO, Site speed is becoming more and more factor for Google search. The speed at which your site loads into a browser should be optimized. It makes sense for a service like Google which tries to provide the best experience for its users to give preference to fast sites. A site that takes longer to load begins to lose visitors. 50 percent of all visitors simply don’t wait for it to load once this time exceeds something like 4 seconds.

Using the following plugins. You can increase site load speeds from 4.7 seconds to a little over 1 second which is a significant improvement.

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2) Funcitionality

A3 Lazy Load

Images take time to load and display. Normally images are processed even if they are not displayed yet. The A3 Lazy load plugin holds back on the image rendering untile the user scrolls down and views them, this saves the initial page load time.

Lazy Load Video

This plugin is similar to a3 Lazy Load for  It does the same thing to youtube and that’s a thumbnail image is displayed and the video code is only processed when the image is clicked.


The plugin Smush compresses the overall image size without reducing quality. This also improves page speed. You can use this plugin as free version or can also upgrade it to premium version to use extra features. I personally recommand this plugin.

WP Fastest Cache

WordPress Fastest Cache helps to delivers a cache file of your posts and pages. This plugin alone should reduce your site load time by two to three seconds.

3) SEO

All In One SEO Pack

Moving on to the On-Page-SEO, The plugin called All In One SEO Pack provides a way of writing a trageted description for your posts. You can change the title and description that Google will display in Search Results. So, A keyword rich text will help enormously.

Meta Tag Manager

Meta Tag manager allows the additional of meta tags which are basically key words. Meta tags are not considered to be that important for Google search anymore. But the main keywords here that we are entering here can reinforce the overall tone of your post. I usually add three or four main keywords if it’s overdone an you add too many, then it could be judge as keyword stuffing which was common years ago because in those days it worked.

The rest of the site is fairly standard with additional plugins used that help with administrative tasks. It’s worth mentioning others that I used to enhance the presentation of clickable banners directing a user to my affiliate offers.

Sidebar has many uses and is generally the place where we put a search bar, Archived posts and categories. These are placed in the form of widgets. It’s a great area for one or two square banners but with normal functioning there’s problem. Normally when the user scrolls down to read the post, the banner lost from view. This is a plugin that a use to solve this problem.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

A plugin named Q2W3 Fixed Widget holds the banners in place once activated the widget containing the banner code can be selected as stickie. This means it will be on view the whole time when the user scrolls.

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