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Cricket World Cup Winners List (1975 to 2023)

Cricket World Cup winners list: Here is the list of ODI World Cup Winners List since 1975 to 2023 with epic and historical victories.

Cricket history unfolds in the chapters of the ODI Cricket World Cup, where nations battle for supremacy.

Winners of ODI Cricket World Cup (1975-2023)

1975EnglandWest IndiesAustraliaWest Indies won by 17 runs07-06-1975 to 21-06-1975
1979EnglandWest IndiesEnglandWest Indies won by 92 runs09-06-1979 to 23-06-1979
1983EnglandIndiaWest IndiesIndia won by 43 runs09-06-1983 to 25-06-1983
1987India and PakistanAustraliaEnglandAustralia won by 7 runs08-10-1987 to 08-11-1987
1992Australia and New ZealandPakistanEnglandPakistan won by 22 runs22-02-1992 to 25-03-1992
1996Pakistan and IndiaSri LankaAustraliaSri Lanka won by 7 wickets14-02-1996 to 17-03-1996
1999EnglandAustraliaPakistanAustralia won by 8 wickets14-05-1999 to 20-06-1999
2003South AfricaAustraliaIndiaAustralia won by 125 runs09-02-2003 to 23-03-2003
2007West IndiesAustraliaSri LankaAustralia won by 53 runs13-03-2007 to 28-04-2007
2011India and BangladeshIndiaSri LankaIndia won by 6 wickets19-02-2011 to 02-04-2011
2015Australia and New ZealandAustraliaNew ZealandAustralia won by 7 wickets14-02-2015 to 29-03-2015
2019England and WalesEnglandNew ZealandMatch tied after regular play and super over; England won on boundary count30-05-2019 to 14-07-2019
2023IndiaTo Be DecidedTo Be DecidedTBD05-10-2023 to 19-11-2023

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ODI Cricket World Cup Winners (1975-2023)

Let’s journey through each edition, exploring the thrilling victories, moments of brilliance, and the teams that etched their names in cricketing lore.

1975 – West Indies’ Maiden Victory

ODI world cup winner 1975

In the inaugural World Cup held in England, the West Indies emerged as the victors, defeating Australia by 17 runs in the final. Their powerful batting and fierce bowling set a standard for future tournaments, making them the first-ever ODI Cricket World Cup champions.

1979 – West Indies’ Dominance Continues

world cup winner of 1979

Four years later, in England once again, the West Indies showcased their dominance. They defeated England by 92 runs in the final, securing their second consecutive World Cup title. The West Indies’ formidable team spirit and talent made them unstoppable.

1983 – India’s Historic Triumph

India Wins Maiden ODI World Cup in 1983

In a defining moment for Indian cricket, the team led by Kapil Dev clinched their first World Cup title. In the final against the West Indies at Lord’s, India won by 43 runs. Kapil Dev’s iconic innings and India’s all-round brilliance marked a turning point in cricketing history.

1987 – Australia’s Triumph in the Subcontinent

Australia Wins Maiden ODI World Cup in 1987

Australia emerged victorious in the 1987 World Cup, held in the Indian subcontinent (India and Pakistan). In a nail-biting final against England, Australia triumphed by 7 runs. This win marked Australia’s first-ever World Cup victory, setting the stage for their future cricketing dominance.

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1992 – Pakistan’s Moment of Glory

Pakistan Wins Maiden ODI World Cup in 1992

The 1992 World Cup, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, witnessed Pakistan’s rise to glory. Under the leadership of Imran Khan, Pakistan defeated England by 22 runs in the final. Imran Khan’s captaincy and the team’s exceptional performance made this victory historic for Pakistan cricket.

1996 – Sri Lanka’s Stunning Win

Srilanka Wins Historic World Cup in 1996

Sri Lanka claimed their maiden World Cup title in 1996, co-hosted by India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

In the final against Australia, Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets. Aravinda de Silva’s stellar century and Sri Lanka’s collective brilliance brought them their first-ever World Cup trophy.

1999 – Australia’s Back-to-Back Victory

Australia wins  World Cup in 1999 twice

Australia continued their winning streak, securing their second consecutive World Cup title in 1999. They defeated Pakistan by 8 wickets in the final held in England. Australia’s disciplined bowling and solid batting lineup ensured their back-to-back triumph.

2003 – Australia’s Hat-Trick Win

Australia wins world cup 2003 defends the trophy

In the 2003 World Cup held in South Africa, Australia clinched their third consecutive title. They defeated India by 125 runs in the final. Australia’s exceptional team performance, led by skipper Ricky Ponting, showcased their cricketing prowess.

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2007 – Australia’s Fourth Consecutive Triumph

Australia fourth victory in the ICC world cup 2007

Australia’s dominance reached new heights as they won their fourth consecutive World Cup title in 2007. In the final against Sri Lanka, Australia emerged victorious by 53 runs (D/L method) in a rain-affected match. Their adaptability and resilience solidified their reputation as cricketing giants.

2011 – India’s Glorious Moment

India wins the ODI world cup 2011

In front of their home crowd, India lifted the World Cup trophy for the second time in 2011. In the final against Sri Lanka, India won by 6 wickets in Mumbai. Mahindra Singh Dhoni’s captaincy and an unforgettable century by Gautam Gambhir paved the way for India’s triumph.

2015 – Australia’s Fifth Title

Australia wins fifth ODI world cup 2015

Australia continued their legacy, securing their fifth World Cup title in 2015. In the final against New Zealand, Australia won by 7 wickets. Mitchell Starc’s exceptional bowling and a composed batting performance led Australia to another resounding victory.

2019 – England’s Thrilling Triumph

England Wins tremendous victory in ODI World Cup 2019

In a breathtaking final match at Lord’s, England secured their first-ever World Cup title. The final against New Zealand ended in a tie, even after the Super Over. England was declared the winner based on the boundary count rule.

This victory was a testament to England’s resilience and determination.

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2023 – Awaits a New Champion

The upcoming 2023 World Cup in India holds the promise of new heroes and unforgettable moments. As cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the tournament, the stage is set for another chapter in the captivating saga of the ODI Cricket World Cup.

Stay tuned as cricketing legends are born, records are shattered, and the spirit of the game continues to inspire generations. The ODI Cricket World Cup remains a symbol of excellence and sportsmanship, celebrated by fans around the globe.

These dates mark the historic moments when cricketing legends rose, battles were fought, and champions were crowned in the prestigious ODI Cricket World Cup. Stay tuned for the excitement that the upcoming 2023 edition will undoubtedly bring!


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