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DeepBrain AI: Pricing, Reviews, and More

In the fast-evolving world of artificial intelligence, DeepBrain AI, a South Korean company, has emerged as a prominent player.

They specialize in creating AI-powered solutions across various sectors, including broadcasting, education, retail, and financial services.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into all about DeepBrain AI, exploring its pricing, reviews, and much more.

What is DeepBrain AI?

DeepBrain AI’s flagship product, AI Human, is a groundbreaking platform that enables businesses to deploy lifelike digital humans for tasks like customer service and marketing.

Powered by cutting-edge deep learning technologies such as natural language processing, computer vision, and speech synthesis, AI Humans engage with people in a natural and captivating manner.

DeepBrain AI’s AI Humans are transforming the way businesses interact with their customers, thanks to their lifelike capabilities.

A Glance at DeepBrain AI’s Partnerships

This South Korean innovator has teamed up with major players like Microsoft, Kakao Partner, and SK Telecom.

For instance, Microsoft harnesses DeepBrain AI’s AI Humans for customer service support within its Office 365 suite.

DeepBrain AI’s solutions have earned the trust of industry giants, underscoring their effectiveness.

AI Studios: Text-to-Video Magic

DeepBrain AI isn’t stopping at AI Humans. They are also developing AI Studios, a platform that converts text into engaging videos using AI avatars.

It’s a creative solution with vast potential for various applications.

AI Studios is a powerful tool for crafting captivating videos from simple text inputs.

DeepBrain AI Pricing Plans

Now, let’s address one of the most commonly asked questions: DeepBrain AI Pricing. The company offers two plans for AI Studios:

  • Starter: Priced at $24 per month (billed annually), it grants 10 minutes of video creation per month.
  • Pro: For $180 per month (billed annually), you get a generous allowance of 90 minutes of video creation monthly.

Both plans offer access to all AI avatars, languages, and voices, and the freedom to export videos without watermarks. The Pro plan goes a step further with priority video processing and API access.

DeepBrain AI’s pricing plans cater to different needs, making their services accessible to a wide audience.

DeepBrain AI Reviews

User feedback is essential. DeepBrain AI has garnered generally positive reviews.

Users appreciate the platform’s user-friendliness, high-quality AI avatars, and the extensive range of languages and voices.

However, some have voiced concerns about the limited video templates and the 10-minute duration of the free trial.

While DeepBrain AI shines in many aspects, it’s crucial to be aware of limitations, such as the free trial’s duration.

Is DeepBrain AI Free?

A question that often arises: Is DeepBrain AI Free? The answer is no. While they do offer a free trial of AI Studios with 10 minutes of video creation time, the full suite of services requires a paid plan.

DeepBrain AI provides a taste of their capabilities with a free trial, but their comprehensive services come with a cost.

In conclusion, DeepBrain AI is a remarkable player in the AI industry, offering innovative solutions for diverse sectors. Their AI Humans and AI Studios showcase the power of AI in creating engaging interactions and videos.

While not entirely free, their pricing plans are designed to accommodate various needs. Understanding the platform’s strengths and limitations will help you make the most of what DeepBrain AI has to offer.



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