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Digital Marketing Jobs and Salaries in India in 2024

Digital marketing has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing career choices in India. With businesses adopting digital strategies, there is a huge demand and excellent growth potential for digital marketing jobs now and in the future.

Here we will provide you a in-sohrt overview of the most common digital marketing roles, key skills required, and salary prospects in India in 2023.

  • SEO Executive/Manager – Optimize websites to improve rankings on search engines.
  • Social Media Manager – Create social media strategies and manage social media accounts for brands.
  • Content Writer/Strategist – Create branded content across formats like articles, videos, social posts.
    • Skills needed: Excellent writing skills, SEO knowledge, creativity.
  • PPC/Google Ads Specialist – Plan and execute pay-per-click campaigns on platforms like Google Ads.
    • Skills needed: Campaign management, bid optimization, analytics.
  • Email/CRM Specialist – Build marketing databases, create email campaigns, marketing automation.
    • Skills needed: Database management, email marketing tools, analytics.
  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director – Develop digital strategies and lead marketing teams.
    • Skills needed: Leadership, project management, analytics.

Salary Prospects for Digital Marketing Roles:

  • Entry-level salaries range from ₹2-5 lakhs per annum for roles like Content Writer, Social Media Executive, SEO Executive etc.
  • Mid-level salaries range from ₹5-12 lakhs per annum for roles like PPC Specialist, Email Marketing Manager, Senior Content Strategist etc.
  • High-level salaries range from ₹10-30 lakhs per annum for roles like Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Head, SEO Manager etc.
  • Directors and Heads of Digital Marketing can earn ₹30-60 lakhs per annum and above.


A career in digital marketing beckons with a promise of diversity, rapid advancement, and substantial earnings. It’s worth noting that large corporations and digital agencies in metropolitan areas tend to offer higher pay packages.

With experience under your belt, you can confidently negotiate attractive compensation. Aspiring digital marketers should focus on refining the skills pertinent to their desired roles and consider adding certifications to their professional arsenal.

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