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December 20, 2023 (1y ago)


Download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium version for free - Facebook toolkit which is Google Chrome Extension or opens the options of such bulk management on Facebook that will make your work easier.

Facebook Social Toolkit is an online tool that has all the features related to Facebook. With this, you have to unfriend all fb friends at all, delete all the pages, to accept all the friend requests in one click, etc.

You can message all Facebook friends together or all in all who belong to Facebook or it takes more time to fulfill it.

It is easy to use Facebook Social Toolkit PC - you can easily add it as extension in Google Chrome in your personal computer, know how!

Facebook Social Toolkit Download for Free

This post will be helpful for you about doing a premium version of Facebook Social Toolkit for free, so follow the tip of my mentioned tip carefully.

1. First of all, you have to download the cracked of Facebook Social Toolkit Premium version, you can download it by clicking on the download below.

Add to Chrome Extension

2. After the Facebook Social Toolkit crack file download is complete, now go to the setting of Google Chrome Browser and drop the file in the extension.

3. For that, first of all you will have to get out of the Zip file of Facebook Social Toolkit, the folder of Facebook Social Toolkit.

4. After downloading Facebook Social Toolkit, this downloaded fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep.CRX file should be dropped by going to the Chrome Settings > Extension.

How to Use Facebook Social Toolkit

First open the folder of Facebook Social Toolkit, and then copy the Validate file in the Patch folder in it.

Facebook Social Toolkit All Tools & Features

  • Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once
  • Unfriend All Friends At Once
  • Unfollow All Facebook Friends At Once
  • Delete All Comments At Once
  • Reject All Friend Requests At Once
  • Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once
  • Remove Facebook Page Likes
  • Remove All Facebook Groups
  • Cancel All Pending Friend Requests
  • Facebook ID Extractor
  • Invite Your Friends to Like Your Page
  • Invite Your Friends to Join Your Group
  • Accept All Friend Requests At Once
  • 5.E vent Invitation Tool
  • 6. Send Multiple Friend Requests At once
  • 7. Suggest Your Friends to Another Friend
  • 8. Facebook Video Downlaoder
  • Facebook Group Member Tagger
  • Facebook Group Transfer
  • Post On Multiple Groups At Once
  • Post On Own Facebook Pages
  • Claim As Group Admin
  • Add All Friends As Group Admin
  • Group Admin Transfer
  • Message All Friends At Once
  • Post On Liked Pages
  • Join Multiple Groups Using Group Ids
  • Extract Facebook Page Fan IDs
  • Extract Group Email
  • Extract Friends ‘ Emails
  • Extract Friend IDs
  • Extract Group IDs
  • Extract User Likes
  • Extract Group Member IDs
  • Extract Group Member Emails
  • Extract Phone Numbers Of Facebook Friends

Now you can use your Facebook social toolkit, you can take advantage of all its premium features for free. You must have liked this article, if you want to ask us any question related to this article, then you can ask us your question by commenting.

Such Facebook can use premium features of social toolkit for free, this chrome extension is the best toolkit for Facebook tools.

What is Facebook Social Toolkit?

Friends maker toolkit for FB is a chrome extension that will help you automate the process of connecting friends on Facebook based on the situation.

How to use friend maker toolkit?

By downloading from the Chrome web store, you can use this tool by logging on to Facebook.

How do I unfriend all friends in Chrome?

Use Friend Remover Browser Extension, then "select All." This will choose all your friends on Facebook, and then you can remove friends.

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