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Welcome to the Bhagavad Gita AI app, your guide to the ancient wisdom of the Hindu scripture. Ask any question about the Bhagavad Gita, and our AI-powered chatbot will provide you with accurate and insightful answers based on the text’s teachings.

Explore the teachings of the Gita, discover its timeless wisdom, and find guidance for your spiritual journey. With the Bhagavad Gita AI app, you have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the text and gain new insights into your life’s purpose.

Start using GitaGPT in 3 Steps

  • Visit official website of
  • Enter Question and Click on “Ask to Krishna” button.
  • Wait for Krishna’s reply till the process is complete

Is it not working properly?

we are building new #GGtools where you get more features.

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GitaGPT AI Chatbot

What is GitaGPT?

GitaGPT logo

GitaGPT AI chatbot is Inspired by Bhagavad Gita, Krishna answers your questions.

Built using AI models, lets you ask Krishna whatever questions come to your mind.

Who Created GitaGPT

Vikas Sahu, Founder of GitaGPT

GitaGPT was created by Vikas Sahu, a Blogger, SEO geek at the tech giant.

Developed by with the aim of finding solace in the knowledge of Shri Krishna.

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  1. 💙💚💜❤️💛
    Very awesome and revolutionary for next generation

  2. Mahesh Kedari says:

    I would like to contribute to this project. I am a reactJS developer. Please let me know if you need any front-end related tasks.

  3. Shubham Bendre says:

    Love the way you guys have made this possible please also try and reunify all the ancient Indian knowledge of 4 vedas in a GPT

  4. Ashvani Jaiswal says:

    Lovely project 👌

  5. Manish Rauniyar says:

    💯 GitaGPT 👌
    👍 Great Initiative! 👍
    👏 Effort Appreciated 👏
    🥰 📙 I❤️BhagwatGita 📙 🥰
    🇮🇳 MADE IN INDIA 🇮🇳
    🚩 सत्य सनातन की जय 🚩

  6. Dharmpal Gadhwal says:

    Can you provide GitaGPT Source code ?

  7. Dharmpal Gadhwal says:

    Thank you for GitaGPT

  8. Ajay jamwal says:

    Radhe radhe

  9. Sunny jugwanth says:

    Aum . Wonderful use of technology. Support the project wholeheartedly. ❤️

  10. Diksha Gupta says:

    With what speed maya influence with the same speed devotees coming to save them .

  11. Ayush pal says:

    Its a great for human life because everyone are in stress

  12. Hey there,
    It is really thoughtfull of u to invent a site based on Bhagavad Gita in this world of kalyug people will really need this. Hope the bugs are resolved in the next version.I’m a full stack developer let me know if can assist.

  13. Gopal Rai says:

    Such a nice initiative to bring hindu culture holy book to AI form. Many student or young people can learn about bhagwad gita so easily.

  14. Mrutyunjaya panda says:

    Aweosme experience my gratitude to you for making such an powerful AI 🙏

  15. It’s a great AI tool with and amazing thought behind it, but it is relatively slow when it comes to response time. It takes a lot of time to answer.

  16. Aditya Pallewar says:

    How can I donate for this project???

  17. Rahul Sharma says:

    A very commendable Step. Thanks and please let me know if I can be of any help in anyway, I am Business Consultant, Dharma Vijayte

  18. Siddharth says:

    I really liked the idea but i have been trying to ask a question and it’s showing rate limit reached, try again after sometime…!
    Please look into it ..!!!

  19. It is a technical problem @Sneha.
    ChatGPT is at full capacity.

  20. Hats off to that guy who made this… salute you buddy

  21. Kay Dee Ase says:

    Revolutionary step ahead spreading SANATAN worldwide through using the GITA advise directly through GITA GPT

  22. Aman Kumar Singh says:

    fabulous work done by the team may lord Krishna always helps you, love to know that new generation is also understanding the importance of vedas

  23. Mohit Shukla says:

    Thanks they way u have made possible to understand in hindi and in english this could be revolutionary.

    thanks again.