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Chapter 1, Verse 11

अयनेषु च सर्वेषु यथाभागमवस्थिता: | भीष्ममेवाभिरक्षन्तु भवन्त: सर्व एव हि ॥11॥


ayaneṣhu cha sarveṣhu yathā-bhāgamavasthitāḥ bhīṣhmamevābhirakṣhantu bhavantaḥ sarva eva hi

Word Meanings

ayaneṣhu—at the strategic points; cha—also; sarveṣhu—all; yathā-bhāgam—in respective position; avasthitāḥ—situated; bhīṣhmam—to Grandsire Bheeshma; eva—only; abhirakṣhantu—defend; bhavantaḥ—you; sarve—all; eva hi—even as


However, venerable sirs, all of you without exception, while occupying all the positions in the different directions as allotted (to you respectively), please fully protect Bhisma in particular.