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Chapter 12, Verse 20

ये तु धर्म्यामृतमिदं यथोक्तं पर्युपासते | श्रद्दधाना मत्परमा भक्तास्तेऽतीव मे प्रिया: ॥20॥


ye tu dharmyāmṛitam idaṁ yathoktaṁ paryupāsate śhraddadhānā mat-paramā bhaktās te ’tīva me priyāḥ

Word Meanings

ye—who; tu—indeed; dharma—of wisdom; amṛitam—nectar; idam—this; yathā—as; uktam—declared; paryupāsate—exclusive devotion; śhraddadhānāḥ—with faith; mat-paramāḥ—intent on me as the supreme goal; bhaktāḥ—devotees; te—they; atīva—exceedingly; me—to me; priyāḥ—dear


But [Tu (but) is used to distinguish those who have attained the highest Goal from the aspirants.] those devotees who accept Me as the supreme Goal, and with faith seek for this ambrosia which is indistinguishable from the virtues as stated above, they are very dear to Me.