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Chapter 17, Verse 27

यज्ञे तपसि दाने च स्थिति: सदिति चोच्यते | कर्म चैव तदर्थीयं सदित्येवाभिधीयते ॥27॥


yajñe tapasi dāne cha sthitiḥ sad iti chochyate karma chaiva tad-arthīyaṁ sad ity evābhidhīyate

Word Meanings

yajñe—in sacrifice; tapasi—in penance; dāne—in charity; cha—and; sthitiḥ—established in steadiness; sat—the syllable Sat; iti—thus; cha—and; uchyate—is pronounced; karma—action; cha—and; eva—indeed; tat-arthīyam—for such purposes; sat—the syllable Sat; iti—thus; eva—indeed; abhidhīyate—is described


And the steadfastness in sacrifice, austerity and charity is spoken of as sat. And even the action meant for these is, verily, called as sat (good).