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Chapter 17, Verse 28

अश्रद्धया हुतं दत्तं तपस्तप्तं कृतं च यत् | असदित्युच्यते पार्थ न च तत्प्रेत्य नो इह ॥28॥


aśhraddhayā hutaṁ dattaṁ tapas taptaṁ kṛitaṁ cha yat asad ity uchyate pārtha na cha tat pretya no iha

Word Meanings

aśhraddhayā—without faith; hutam—sacrifice; dattam—charity; tapaḥ—penance; taptam—practiced; kṛitam—done; cha—and; yat—which; asat—perishable; iti—thus; uchyate—are termed as; pārtha—Arjun, the son of Pritha; na—not; cha—and; tat—that; pretya—in the next world; na u—not; iha—in this world


O son of Prtha, whatever is offered in sacrifice and given in charity, as also whatever austerity is undertaken or whatever is done without, faith, is said to be of on avail. And it is of no conscience after death, nor here.