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Chapter 6, Verse 42

अथवा योगिनामेव कुले भवति धीमताम् | एतद्धि दुर्लभतरं लोके जन्म यदीदृशम् ॥42॥


atha vā yoginām eva kule bhavati dhīmatām etad dhi durlabhataraṁ loke janma yad īdṛiśham

Word Meanings

atha vā—else; yoginām—of those endowed with divine wisdom; eva—certainly; kule—in the family; bhavati—take birth; dhī-matām—of the wise; etat—this; hi—certainly; durlabha-taram—very rare; loke—in this world; janma—birth; yat—which; īdṛiśham—like this


Or he is born in the family of wise yogis only. Such a birth as is of this kind is surely more difficult to get in the world.