How to Turn Off Facebook Link History


January 10, 2024 (6mo ago)


How to Turn Off Facebook link history

In Short:

  • Facebook's new link history feature tracks and saves the links visited within the app.
  • To check if it's on, go to the profile menu > Settings & privacy > Link history.
  • Disable it through settings or by accessing the in-app browser and turning it off.

Facebook's link history stores visited links within the app, potentially used for targeted ads across Meta services.

The Facebook link history feature basically stores all the links that you have visited inside the Facebook app on Android and iOS.

  • Menu Navigation: Access the profile menu and scroll to Settings & privacy.
  • Verification: Tap on Link history; "Want to see your link history" denotes it's off, else, you'll see a list of visited sites.

Method 1: From Facebook Settings

  • Access Settings: In the profile menu, go to Settings > Browser.
  • Disable Link History: Toggle off "Allow link history" and confirm.

Method 2: From In-App Browser

  • Open a Link: Tap a link within the Facebook app's browser.
  • Access Settings: Tap the three-dot menu and select "Go to settings."
  • Turn Off: Toggle off "Allow link history" and confirm.

Important Points to Note

  • Deletion Time: Disabling link history doesn't instantly delete data; it may take up to 90 days.
  • Desktop Access: Link history is exclusive to the Facebook app on Android and iOS, not on the desktop.
  • Data Storage: Only links visited within the Facebook app are stored for 30 days.

Why This Matters

Facebook's default activation of link history raises concerns about user privacy and targeted advertising.

Conclusion: Turning off link history on Facebook protects your browsing data from being tracked, offering more control over your privacy.

Facebook's introduction of link history seems to ease bookmarking but raises privacy concerns. Take control by turning it off and safeguard your browsing habits!

If you've already used this feature, remember that it might take some time to delete your data completely. What's your take on Facebook's latest feature? Share your thoughts below!

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