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How the Indian Constitution Borrowed from Ireland?

The Indian Constitution stands as a remarkable synthesis of various constitutional elements, drawing inspiration from different corners of the world. Among these sources, the Irish Constitution played a pivotal role.

Let’s delve into the intricate connections between India and Ireland’s constitutional frameworks and explore the specific provisions borrowed from Ireland.

Borrowing from the Irish Constitution

1. Directive Principles of State Policy:

Indian Constitution’s Part IV contains Directive Principles of State Policy, ensuring the state’s role in fostering the welfare of its citizens.

These principles find their roots in the Irish Constitution, designed to guide policy-making and administrative decisions by the Indian government.

These principles aid in addressing economic and social aspirations of the nation’s populace.

2. Fundamental Rights and Welfare:

The Indian Constitution derives its inspiration from Ireland’s constitutional provisions in matters of fundamental rights, justice, and liberty.

Shared values of fraternity, justice, liberty, and more are encapsulated in both constitutions, emphasizing the significance of these principles for the citizens.

Both constitutions lay the foundation for a benevolent state, envisioning a transformational society that encapsulates the spirit of their respective preambles.

Strengthening Bilateral Relations

The historical ties between India and Ireland are substantial, rooted in their shared struggles for independence from British colonial rule.

Beyond the political realm, these two nations also share socio-economic linkages that contribute to mutual growth.

Shared Independence Movement:

  • Both nations fought against British colonial rule, forging a common ground in their pursuit of self-governance.
  • The struggles and ideologies of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Éamon de Valera, and others played a vital role in nurturing the relationship.

2. Economic and Cultural Bonds:

  • Economic ties and cultural exchanges have strengthened the bond between India and Ireland.
  • Leaders like Rabindranath Tagore, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, and Bhagini Nivedita have contributed to enhancing bilateral ties.

FAQs: Clearing Misconceptions

What distinct features of the Indian Constitution were borrowed from Ireland?

The Directive Principles of State Policy and elements related to fundamental rights and welfare were inspired by the Irish Constitution.

Which part of the Indian Constitution borrowed from the Irish Constitution?

Part IV of the Indian Constitution, encompassing Directive Principles of State Policy, draws inspiration from the Irish Constitution.

What specific provisions of the Indian Constitution were influenced by Ireland?

Key provisions related to welfare, justice, liberty, and fraternity were influenced by the Irish Constitution.


The Indian Constitution’s connection with the Irish Constitution is a testament to the shared values and aspirations of nations striving for progressive governance and societal upliftment.

The blend of ideologies has resulted in a constitution that encapsulates the essence of both nations, fostering a collective journey toward prosperity and justice.

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