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JotBot AI – Writing Assistant for Everyone

JotBot is an AI writing assistant that helps you generate content, write emails, newsletters, social media posts and automates note taking with AI.

Jotbot AI writing tool
Jotbot AI writing tool

What is JotBot AI?

  • AI writing assistant that learns your style
  • Generates text that sounds like you
  • Helps with research, rewriting, overcoming writer’s block

Key Features:

  • Takes audio notes and generates transcripts
  • Auto-generates citations in any format
  • Rewrites/edits text to change style, length etc.
  • Helps continue writing when stuck (using “++”)

How to Use:

  1. Login to JotBot account
  2. Upload writing samples for analysis
  3. Select style aspects for JotBot to learn
  4. Add sources for citations
  5. Enter writing prompt and length/style
  6. Click “Start JotBot” to generate text

JotBot AI makes writing easier by learning your style over time. It helps you write more efficiently and effectively while saving you time.

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