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Make Money with Web Hosting – 4 Steps to Promote

Web hosting affiliate marketing has helped many bloggers make $10 to $1000 every month using their followers, readers, and email subscribers. How to make a maximum payout from a web hosting affiliate marketing?

I have realised that it’s not easy to make money using the web hosting platforms because they have started to cut down the commission because they are under pressure or they want to make more profits from the deals.

Make Money with Web Hosting

According to me, it is ideal to go for the bigger brands who offer affiliate services, but they offer less payout because they don’t need affiliate marketers to increase their sales.

Make Money with Reseller Hosting

Because they are popular and they have enough money to invest in branding and marketing, thus, the affiliates no longer needed for the big web hosting brands and that’s the reason why the commission has gotten down. or they might be having a bad time regarding financial conditions and tax issues.

I recommend you to choose web hosting companies that care for affiliate marketers. I recommend you to try the YouStable web hosting company.

Make Money with Affiliated Program

Yes, YouStable has started a great way for the affiliates to start their journey and make the maximum amount of commission from the web hosting.

I say, the YouStable will put you at an advantage, where you will get maximum attention from the readers and your audience because many interesting factors will attract your audience into buying the product. It is a basic rule; if the product you are promoting is strong and charged at the right price, then sales is just a matter of time.

So what’s next?

Join YouStable Affiliate Program

Allow us to show you how you can become part of the YouStable affiliate program, and we will show you step-by-step.

Step 1: You have to register a web hosting affiliate account because the affiliate tools are available in it. You can use social media to login or create a new account, and it is an easy way. But, you can create a new account using an email as well.

Step 2: After verifying the email or logged in via social media account then the page redirects to the main dashboard. In the main dashboard, you have an option on the main menu “affiliate” and click on it to begin your journey.

Step 3: The page has information related to the affiliate, but you have to activate the account and click on the green button to activate your affiliate account.

Step 4: YouStable will create a unique link for your account, and it is linked to your account. You can use it to begin your affiliate journey with YouStable. Every time someone purchases a hosting account from the company, then you will be rewarded with commission.

We have to give credit to the YouStable web designing team for making the process easy to follow and understand.

4 Steps to Promote and Make Money

There are many ways you can promote the product to the people and your audience. I would like to suggest you a few ways that have worked for many Bloggers and Affiliate marketers, who generated more than $1000 a month using these techniques.

1. Write a Detailed Review About The Product:

YouStable does not put any restrictions on using your referral link. In simple words, you can write a review on a popular blog and add the referral link to it, and YouStable will accept the sale. First, you have to write a detailed review of the YouStable product.

First: Give short introductions on the goal of the YouStable and about its origins.

Second: The price factor has always worked in the community because everyone is looking for cheap premium hosting services. YouStable strength has always been the pricing and premium hardware they are using in the servers.

Third: Explain the features properly, so the audience can learn about things that they did know about it. Like YouStable offers a free SSL certificate and free on-page SEO on every package.

Fourth: Many times affiliates don’t list down the CONS that come with the products. There is no such thing as a perfect product in the world because even a company like Samsung & Apple could not make a perfect device for this date. Make sure to list down the CONS as well.

These are the quick tips for your review content.

2. Add Affiliate Link in Related Blog Post:

It is a common knowledge that you have to add the referral link in the blog post article to complete the sale.

3. Add Affiliate Link in Blog Landing Pages:

You must have seen many top marketers adding links to the web hosting links on their homepage landing page, or the top page. I have shared a simple example, where the blogger has added an affiliate link to a pop-up email WordPress plugin.

4. Create Posts with Coupon Codes:

​​​It wouldn’t come as a surprise that a discount on the regular packages would make anyone happy. Yes, you can create posts on your social media accounts or in your blogs where you are going to offer a discount to sell the product.

YouStable offers the affiliates a discount, so they can use it to promote the products.

How Received the Payment?

The YouStable has explained it on their affiliate page, and you can check out for more information.

Minimum payout –As of now you must have at least $25 to request for a payout via PayPal, Skrill for outside India and PayTM, Airtel Money, Bank Transfer, Instore Credit, within India.

Payment hold –For Web Hosting sales we hold all payments for 60 days to validate sales and mark it as a legitimate customer. That means you referred a hosting customer in 1st of March 2017 then you can request for payout on June 1st 2017.

The company is offering dedicated customer support for the affiliate, so you don’t have to worry about the payment holds and other queries about the affiliate marketing.

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