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Create Images with Meta AI Image Generator

Meta Trained an AI Art Tool on Billions of Our Photos – You know all those photos people post publicly to Facebook and Instagram every day? Well, Meta recently used over 1 billion of them to train a nifty new AI art tool they just launched.

Imagine uses advanced AI models to generate unique images from text descriptions. Create imaginative art, illustrations, photos and more with our powerful image generator.

What is Imagine with Meta

Meta AI image generator helps you to Creates images from text prompts. Meta’s new AI image generator was trained on 1.1 billion Instagram and Facebook photos.

Meta used 1.1 billion publicly visible Facebook and Instagram images to train the AI model, which can render a novel image from a written prompt.

Previously, Meta’s version of this technology—using the same data—was only available in messaging and social networking apps such as Instagram.

Key Features:

  • Powered by Meta’s Emu model
  • Generates 4 high-res images per prompt
  • Free to use for US users currently

How it Works:

  • Trained on 1.1 billion public Instagram, Facebook photos
  • Learns what objects, scenes look like
  • Stitches images together to match text prompts

For Example: Prompt: “Cute baby sloth eating cupcake on moon

Output: AI-generated image matching description

Well, the fact that Imagine relied on publicly posted images means your selfies could be in there too. The AI uses tiny pieces of info from small parts of photos rather than full images though.

And on the bright side, you can now bring any scene you envision to life! No art skills required. Some people are even using it to mock up designs, ads and memes. The possibilities are endless if you have a wild enough imagination.

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