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My Bharat Portal Registration and Benefits

India’s youth are its greatest asset, and harnessing their energy and potential is vital for the country’s development. In a groundbreaking move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the My Bharat Portal on October 31, 2023, during the celebration of National Unity Day.

This digital platform, known as Mera Yuva Bharat, serves as a bridge between India’s vibrant youth and a wide range of opportunities for growth, learning, and community engagement.

In this article, we will delve into the registration process for the My Bharat Portal and the myriad benefits it offers to young Indians.

My Bharat Portal: A Gateway to Empowerment

The My Bharat Portal, an initiative by the Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, is aimed at youth between the ages of 15 and 29. It offers a unique opportunity for them to engage in skill development, experiential learning, and social responsibility.

The portal’s primary goal is to empower and engage young individuals to become active citizens and leaders in their communities, contributing to India’s development by 2047.

My Bharat Portal Registration

My Bharat Portal Registration
My Bharat Portal Registration

Step 1: Basic Details

To kickstart your journey on the My Bharat Portal, you need to complete the registration process. The first step involves providing essential information, including your name, mobile number, location, occupation, date of birth, and more.

Step 2: Submitting Your Application

Once you have filled in your details, submit your application. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to upload your picture on the registration form, adding a personal touch to your profile.

Step 3: Activation

Once your registration is complete, your My Bharat Portal account will be activated, granting you access to a world of possibilities.

Benefits of My Bharat Portal

1. Connecting with Businesses, NGOs, and Experiential Learning

One of the primary advantages of registering on the My Bharat Portal is the opportunity to connect with various businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and participate in experiential learning. This can be a stepping stone to enhancing your skills and expanding your knowledge.

2. Contributing to Nation Building

By joining the My Bharat Portal, you become an integral part of the nation-building process. Your energy and skills can be channeled towards societal development, ensuring a brighter future for India.

3. Access to Government Programs

The portal provides a platform for you to engage with government programs and initiatives. This direct connection allows you to stay informed about the latest developments and participate in events and social welfare programs.

My Bharat Portal: Your Path to a Brighter Future

The My Bharat Portal is more than just a registration process; it’s an invitation to be part of a transformative movement.

By joining this platform, you can not only enhance your skills but also contribute to nation-building and connect with like-minded individuals, businesses, and NGOs.

This initiative aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to make India a developed nation by 2047.


The My Bharat Portal is a beacon of hope for India’s youth, offering opportunities for growth and engagement. It is a call to action for every young individual between the ages of 15 and 29 to register, learn, and contribute to the nation’s development.

By doing so, you become an active citizen and a driving force behind India’s progress. Register today, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and play your part in building a brighter and more prosperous India through the My Bharat Portal.

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