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NSE Stock Market Holidays 2024

Check today’s and upcoming Indian share market and stock market exchange holidays in 2023 for NSE.

Know if the market is open or closed today, tomorrow and which days.

NSE Holidays 2023

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India is the country’s largest stock exchange and the world’s 10th biggest by market capitalization at over $3.4 trillion.

The NSE provides smooth, seamless trading facilities throughout the year. Its normal trading session runs 6 hours 15 minutes, from 9:15am to 3:30pm on weekdays.

The NSE is closed for trading on Saturdays, Sundays, and on specific national and cultural holidays. No trading takes place on the equity, equity derivatives or SLB segments during these closures.

In 2023, the NSE market holidays fall on occasions such as Republic Day, Mahashivratri, Holi, Good Friday, Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Eid al-Fitr, Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali, Gurunanak Jayanti, and Christmas.

With robust systems and modern infrastructure, the NSE has emerged as India’s premier stock exchange, conducting transparent and efficient trading platforms for investors.

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Trading Holidays for 2023

Here is the detailed share market holiday list 2023-

1.Republic DayJanuary 26, 2023Thursday
2.HoliMarch 07, 2023Tuesday
3.Ram NavamiMarch 30, 2023Thursday
4.Mahavir JayantiApril 04, 2023Tuesday
5.Good FridayApril 07, 2023Friday
6.Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar JayantiApril 14, 2023Friday
7.Id-ul-fitr (Ramzan Id)April 22, 2023Saturday
8.Maharashtra DayMay 01, 2023Monday
9.Id-ul-adha (Bakri Id)June 29, 2023Thursday
10.Independence DayAugust 15, 2023Tuesday
11.Ganesh ChaturthiSeptember 19, 2023Tuesday
12.Mahatma Gandhi JayantiOctober 02, 2023Monday
13.DussehraOctober 24, 2023Tuesday
14.Diwali BalipratipadaNovember 14, 2023Tuesday
15.Gurunanak JayantiNovember 27, 2023Monday
16.ChristmasDecember 25, 2023Monday

The Holidays Falling on Saturday / Sunday are as Follows

Below-mentioned are the Indian stock market holidays that are falling on Saturday/Sunday-

1.MahashivratriFebruary 18, 2023Saturday
2.Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id)April 22, 2023Saturday
3.MuharramJuly 29, 2023Saturday
4.Diwali Laxmi-PujanNovember 12, 2023Sunday

*Muhurat Trading will be conducted on November 12, 2023.

Trading Holidays for the Calendar Year 2023 for the Commodity Derivatives Segment

Following are the stock market holidays 2023 (trading holidays) for the current year for the Commodity Derivatives Segment-

S.No.HolidaysDateDayMorning SessionEvening Session*
1.Republic DayJanuary 26, 2023ThursdayClosedClosed
2.HoliMarch 08, 2023WednesdayClosedOpen
3.Ram NavamiMarch 30, 2023ThursdayClosedClosed
4.Mahavir JayantiApril 04, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
5.Good FridayApril 07, 2023FridayClosedClosed
6.Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar JayantiApril 14, 2023FridayClosedClosed
7.Maharashtra DayMay 01, 2023MondayClosedOpen
8.Id-Ul-Adha (Bakri Id)June 29, 2023ThursdayClosedOpen
9.Independence DayAugust 15, 2023TuesdayClosedClosed
10.Ganesh ChaturthiSeptember 19, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
11.Mahatma Gandhi JayantiOctober 02, 2023MondayClosedClosed
12.DussheraOctober 24, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
13.Diwali BalipratipadaNovember 14, 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
14.Gurunanak JayantiNovember 27, 2023MondayClosedOpen
15.ChristmasDecember 25, 2023MondayClosedClosed
  • Morning session – 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Evening session – 05:00 PM to 11:30/11:55 PM

Muhurat Trading

Muhurat trading for Diwali Laxmi Pujan will be held on October 21, 2023 (Saturday). Timings will be notified separately.

Pre-Open Session6:00 PM – 6:08 PM IST
Muhurat Trading6:15 PM – 7:15 PM IST
Post-close7:30 – 7:38 PM IST
Market Close7:40 PM IST


Will the share market open on 1st January 2023?

No, the share market will be closed on January 1, 2023 for New Year.

What is the total number of trading holidays in 2023?

There are 16 trading holidays in 2023.

When will be the Muhurat trading in 2023?

Muhurat trading will be held on October 21, 2023 for Diwali Laxmi Pujan.

What if a holiday falls on the weekly expiry of equity options contracts?

If a holiday falls on the weekly expiry day, the expiry will be advanced to the previous trading day.

What will be the last stock market holiday in 2023?

The last stock market holiday in 2023 is on December 25 for Christmas.

What does a settlement holiday trade mean?

On settlement holidays, all open positions are settled on a T+1 basis and new positions created on that day are settled on next day basis.

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