How to Use Photoshop AI (Generative Fill)


October 11, 2023 (1y ago)


In early 2023, Adobe took a giant leap in the world of image editing by introducing Photoshop AI Generative Fill. For all the photo enthusiasts out there, this is a game-changer.

Whether you're a professional graphic designer or a hobbyist, understanding how to use AI in Photoshop is essential to unlock a new realm of creativity.

What is Photoshop AI Generative Fill?

Photoshop AI Generative Fill is like having a digital magician at your fingertips. With this feature, you can manipulate images like never before.

It empowers you to add, delete, extend, or enhance elements, and even remove backgrounds. It's the key to turning your ordinary images into extraordinary masterpieces.

How to Download Photoshop AI Beta

Before diving into the magical world of AI Generative Fill, you need the right tools. Adobe's Photoshop AI Beta is the gateway to this exciting feature. You can download it and embark on a journey of creative possibilities.

Once you have the Beta version, it's time to get familiar with the AI Generative Fill taskbar. This section guides you through the user interface and makes it easier to navigate the feature effectively.

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How to Use Photoshop AI Generative Fill

Now, let's get hands-on. Learn step by step how to use Generative Fill. From selecting the area you want to modify to fine-tuning the AI's output, we've got you covered.

Do you want to extend the width or height of an image seamlessly? Photoshop AI can make it happen. Find out how in this section.

1. Generate Backgrounds with Photoshop AI

Creating captivating backgrounds has never been easier. Discover how you can generate backgrounds that complement your images flawlessly.

2. Generate Realistic Objects With Photoshop AI

Photoshop AI doesn't stop at backgrounds. You can also create realistic objects with ease. It's like having a 3D printer for your digital canvas.

3. Remove Objects With Photoshop AI

Make unwanted elements vanish with a simple click. Learn how to remove objects from your images effortlessly.

4. Create Unique Composite Images

Blend photos together to craft unique composite images. This section shares insights on creating stunning visual narratives.

Photoshop AI Generative Fill Tips

Unlock the full potential of Generative Fill with these valuable tips:

  • It's OK to Leave the Prompt Blank: Sometimes, letting AI surprise you can lead to fantastic results.
  • Be Creative With Your Selection: Experiment with various selections to get the desired effect.
  • Don't Use Instructional Prompts: AI works better when you describe the result you want rather than giving explicit instructions.
  • Utilize the Object Selection Tool: Combine it with Generative Fill for precise edits.
  • Use it to Blend Photos Together: Merge images seamlessly for stunning compositions.

Final Thoughts:

Seeing is believing. We showcase before-and-after examples to illustrate the transformative power of Photoshop AI Generative Fill.

Understand the rights and limitations when using AI-generated images. It's essential to know how you can use these creations.

As we wrap up, we reflect on the revolutionary impact of Photoshop AI Generative Fill and how it's changing the way we edit images. The future of image editing is here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's address some common queries:

What is the Adobe Photoshop AI?

Adobe Photoshop AI, often referred to as AI Generative Fill, is a cutting-edge feature in Adobe Photoshop's latest version.

How do I use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop?

To use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop, select an area, right-click, and choose "Fill," then select "Content-Aware" as the fill type.

Which version of Photoshop has AI?

Photoshop AI, including Generative Fill, is available in the Photoshop AI Beta version.

With AI Generative Fill in Photoshop, the possibilities are endless. It's time to let your creativity soar. Start exploring this incredible feature today and transform your images into works of art.

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