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Shala Siddhi Login Registration at Shaalasiddhi.niepa.ac.in

I’m going to introduce you to the life of Shaala Siddhi Portal. It’s a valuable portal where teachers, students, and parents can check the progress, data status, and self-evaluation reports of schools in India. Let’s explore together!

Shala Siddhi portal login and school assessment report dashboard were updated under the National Program on School Standards and Self-Assessment portal.

What is Shaala Siddhi Portal?

Shaala Siddhi is an online platform launched by the Government of India through NIEPA in 2015. It’s a National Program on School Standards and Evaluation, designed to help educational institutions across the country.

  • Website: shaalasiddhi.niepa.ac.in
  • Aim: Enhancing the quality of education.
  • Users: Teachers, Students, Parents
  • Info Available: School progress, student performance, teacher details, etc.

Features of Shaala Siddhi Portal

Check Shala Siddhi Report PDF Format Submission and Shala Siddhi Registration Login Complete Updates from here. Visit the official website shaalasidkhi.niepa.ac.in by clicking on the below mentioned direct link.

  • School Evaluation Dashboard: View detailed information about almost 5800 schools.
  • User Registration and Login: Simple and convenient registration process for teachers and students.
  • Self Evaluation Program: Allows institutions to assess their performance.
  • External Login: A special login portal for external users.
  • Password Reset Option: Easy password recovery if you forget your credentials.

How to Use Shaala Siddhi Portal

Shaala Siddhi Registration Process

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click Create User.
  3. Enter the 11-digit UDISE Code and your details.
  4. Verify via OTP.
  5. Get your user ID and password for shaala siddhi school evaluation dashboard login.

Shaala Siddhi Login Process

  1. Visit the portal.
  2. Select Login.
  3. Enter username and password.
  4. Click Submit.

External Login

  1. Visit the Shaala Siddhi portal.
  2. Click External login.
  3. Enter credentials, click Submit.

How to Change Password in Shaala Siddhi

  1. Visit official portal.
  2. Click Reset Password.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Additional Sections

Shaala Siddhi School Evaluation Dashboard PDF

Find downloadable PDF reports on school evaluations.

Filling Shaala Siddhi External Evaluation

Instructions to guide you on how to fill the external evaluation.

Helpline Support

For any queries, reach out at:

  • Email Id: usse@niepa.ac.in
  • Address: 17-B, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016 (INDIA)


Can I view the progress of my child through Shaala Siddhi?

Yes, parents can view their child’s progress.

How to Fill Shaala Siddhi External Evaluation?

Visit the portal, log in and follow the instructions.

What if I forget my password in Shaala Siddhi?

Use the reset password option to create a new one.


That’s it, friends! The Shaala Siddhi Portal is a fantastic initiative to bridge the information gap between schools, students, and parents.

From registration to shaala siddhi school evaluation dashboard login to how to change password in shaala siddhi, we’ve covered it all.

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