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TN EMIS School Login @emis.tnschools.gov.in

TN EMIS School Portal, short for Tamil Nadu Educational Management Information System, is at the forefront of this transformation.

In this blog post, we will dive into the key aspects of TN EMIS, its objectives, benefits, and how teachers and students can make the most of it. Let’s embark on this educational journey!

What is TN EMIS School Portal?

TN EMIS, or the Tamil Nadu Educational Management Information System, is a centralised database that contains student, staff, and institution data.

It serves as a digital platform to provide students with access to various educational resources, including practice materials, interactive videos, online course information, and mock tests.

Additionally, it facilitates the management of student attendance and performance data by teachers and schools.


  • Providing the Best Education One of the primary objectives of TN EMIS is to provide the best education to students in Tamil Nadu.
  • It achieves this by offering a wide range of e-learning resources that adhere to educational standards, covering instruction, practical materials, films, interactions, simulations, online courses, and training modules.

Who Benefits from TN EMIS?

The beneficiaries of TN EMIS are the students and teachers of Tamil Nadu. For students, it opens the doors to a wealth of digital resources. Teachers, on the other hand, benefit from tracking students’ attendance, performance, and more. Each stakeholder plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of this innovative system.

TN EMIS School Portal Benefits: TN EMIS brings a host of benefits to the education landscape in Tamil Nadu:

  1. Digital Resources for Teachers: It provides teachers with easy access to digital resources, creating a common repository for curriculum, class schedules, announcements, and revision materials.
  2. Professional Success Tracking: The system assigns a special identification number to each instructor, aiding in the effective implementation of the state curriculum.

Steps to Register on TN EMIS School Portal:

To access the TN EMIS portal, every school has its unique login ID. Teachers can use this ID to update their information and contribute to the system’s success. Here are the key administrators you’ll need to contact for access:

  1. School Principal/Headmaster: Responsible for overseeing the school’s performance.
  2. Chief Education Officer (CEO): Supervises schools after inspection.
  3. Block Education Officer (BEO): Monitors schools in a specific education block.
  4. District Education Officer (DEO): Manages school inspections in the district.

Steps to Login and Reset Password:

Logging into TN EMIS is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the TN EMIS Portal check website
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click the login button to access your account.

If you forget your password, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Select your user type (School or Teacher).
  • Enter your username and submit the request.
  • Your password will be emailed to your registered address once authorized.

Locate the TN EMIS Student Number: To find the TN EMIS number, log in to TN EMIS, click “All Students,” select CSV, and locate the Unique ID in Microsoft Excel.


TN EMIS School Portal is a game-changer for education in Tamil Nadu, ushering in a new era of digital resources and efficient data management. As the system continues to evolve, addressing challenges and ensuring inclusivity will be key to its success. If you’re part of Tamil Nadu’s educational ecosystem, TN EMIS is your platform for success. Join this digital education revolution today!

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