What is English to Hindi Translator Tool

Do you want to type in Hindi? Now you can type in Hindi using the English keyboard. Because it's online tool to type Hindi and English. Which provides service to write Hindi without knowledge.

Our English to Hindi Translation Tool works with the Google Translate API, If you type any words of English and Hinglish, the tool will automatically convert Hindi.

Hinglish – Hindi in English editor allows to to type Hindi words in English, and you can embed this tool easily to your website.

Once you have typed you can share it via Twitter, Email and other supporting apps. You also can copy and paste it into any apps of your choice.

How To Use Hinglish to Hindi Typing Tool

Using our Hindi typing tool is very much easier to write English to Hindi. Just type in English, and it will automatically convert itself Hindi.

  1. Enter any word in English Like - Mera [Press Space] Bharat [Press Space] Mahan [Press Space]
  2. it will automatically convert it to - मेरा भारत महान
  3. So let's Try! with our Hindi Online Typing Tool

If you think that is mistyped, then press backspace two times, our tool will suggest writing the correct words.

Now typing in Hindi is very easy. In the box above you type in English and by pressing Space it will be typed in Hindi automatically. You can copy and paste these Hindi words anywhere.

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