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How to Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number

In the digital age, your Aadhaar card is more than just an identification document; it’s your gateway to essential government services and subsidies.

A key component of this is ensuring that your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar card, allowing you to receive critical notifications and benefits.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of checking and updating your Aadhar Card Mobile Number online.

The Significance of a Linked Mobile Number

Your mobile number linked to your Aadhaar card serves multiple purposes, each of them valuable:

  1. Legitimacy of National Identity: It authenticates your national identity, ensuring that your Aadhaar card is a credible proof of who you are.
  2. Access to Government Subsidies: It makes you eligible for various government subsidies and programs, simplifying the process of availing these benefits.
  3. Facilitating eKYC: Linking your mobile number allows for electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) processes, streamlining verification procedures.
  4. Online Verification via OTP: It enables secure online verification, as One-Time Passwords (OTPs) can be sent to your registered mobile number.
  5. Information Updates: You can easily update your information in the Aadhaar database online, ensuring that your records are accurate.
  6. Access to Services: It grants you access to the latest information and services connected to Aadhaar, making it an invaluable resource.
  7. PAN Card Verification: Linking your mobile number simplifies the PAN card verification process.
  8. Streamlined Loan Processing: Quick loan processing is made possible through this linkage.
  9. Mutual Fund Access: It provides easier access to mutual fund investments, promoting financial security.
  10. Duplicate Aadhaar Card: In case your Aadhaar card is lost or misplaced, a linked mobile number facilitates the request for a duplicate.

How to Check Which Mobile Number Is Linked With Aadhaar Online

  1. Visit UIDAI Website: Start by visiting the official UIDAI website at uidai.gov.in.
  2. Select “Verify Mobile Number”: Navigate to the “Verify Email/Mobile Number” option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter Details: Provide the requested information, including the captcha code, your mobile number, and your 12-digit Aadhaar number.
  4. Verification Confirmation: A pop-up will confirm if your mobile number is successfully linked. If not, it will indicate that it doesn’t match the records.

How to Check Which Mobile Number Is Linked With Aadhaar Through the TAFCOP Portal

  1. Visit TAFCOP Website: Go to the Telecom Analytics for Fraud Control and Consumer Protection (TAFCOP) website at dot.gov.in.
  2. Request OTP: Enter your mobile phone number and click on the “Request OTP” button.
  3. Verify Mobile Numbers: Enter the received OTP, and your Aadhaar number along with any linked mobile numbers will be displayed.
  4. Manage Linked Numbers: If you find any numbers not in proper sequence, remove them as needed.

Report Unwanted Mobile Numbers

To remove unwanted mobile numbers linked to your Aadhaar card, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Citizen Centric Services section on the Sanchar Saathi website or visit the URL directly.
  2. Enter the captcha code and the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card.
  3. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP.
  4. The list of linked mobile numbers will be displayed. You can categorize them as “This is not my number” or “Not required.”

By following these steps, you can ensure that only your valid and essential mobile numbers are linked to your Aadhaar card.

Linking your mobile number with your Aadhaar card offers several advantages, including:

  • Verification of an individual’s Indian citizenship.
  • Access to government subsidies and services.
  • Secure online ITR verification through OTP.
  • Convenient online updates to your Aadhaar card information.
  • Access to a wide range of Aadhaar-related services and programs.
  • The ability to request a duplicate Aadhaar card if the original is lost.
  • Streamlined PAN card verification.
  • Simplified loan processing.
  • Easier access to mutual fund investments.

In conclusion, ensuring that your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar card is pivotal for unlocking a host of benefits and services provided by the Indian government.

Follow the steps outlined here to check, manage, and update your Aadhar Card Mobile Number, and reap the rewards of a well-connected Aadhaar card in your digital life.

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