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How to Verify YouTube channel?

Quick and easy steps to verify YouTube channel and unlock features like longer videos, custom thumbnails, live streaming, and more.

How to verify your YouTube channel! This simple yet essential process can elevate your YouTube game and unlock a whole new world of opportunities.

Are you tired of the 15-minute video limit and restricted access to advanced features? Do you dream of going live on YouTube and customizing your video thumbnails?

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Well, the answer lies in getting your YouTube channel verified. So, let’s dive into this hidden treasure of knowledge and learn how to do it step-by-step!

YouTube चैनल को वेरिफाई करने के कई फायदे हैं –

  1. वेरिफाई चैनल को अधिक विश्वसनीयता मिलती है।
  2. सब्सक्राइबर्स काउंट प्रदर्शित होने लगता है।
  3. वीडियो अपलोड की सीमा बढ़ जाती है।
  4. मोनेटाइजेशन के अधिक विकल्प मिलते हैं।

चैनल को वेरिफाई करने के लिए YouTube स्टूडियो में जाकर वेरिफिकेशन प्रक्रिया को पूरा करना होता है। इसमें चैनल की जानकारी देनी पड़ती है।

वेरिफिकेशन आमतौर पर 1-2 हफ्तों में पूरा हो जाता है। अपने चैनल को वेरिफाई करके आप इसे और अधिक लाभप्रद बना सकते हैं।

YouTube Channel Verification Method

YouTube channel verification is a process that grants your channel official status and unlocks various features.

By verifying your account, you get rid of the pesky 15-minute video length restriction and gain access to advanced tools like live streaming and custom thumbnails.

Additionally, verified channels can link to external websites in annotations and even appeal Content ID claims. The process is quite simple and requires phone verification through either a text message or a voice call.

Top 5 Features of Verified YouTube Channel

  1. No More 15-Minute Limit: Verified channels can upload videos longer than 15 minutes, allowing you to create more comprehensive and engaging content.
  2. Custom Thumbnails: Custom thumbnails catch viewers’ attention and help improve your click-through rate. They are a powerful tool for branding and enticing viewers to watch your videos.
  3. Live Streaming: Going live on YouTube is an excellent way to connect with your audience in real-time, fostering engagement and building a loyal community.
  4. Appeal Content ID Claims: Content ID claims can be frustrating, but verified channels have the advantage of appealing these claims, giving you more control over your content.
  5. Linking to External Websites: Verified channels can include links to external websites in annotations, enabling you to drive traffic to your other online assets.

Step-by-Step Guide to Verify Your YouTube Channel

Verifying your YouTube channel is a quick and straightforward process. Follow these steps to unlock the full potential of your channel:

  1. Visit the Verification Page: Using a web browser on your computer or mobile device, go to https://www.youtube.com/verify.
  2. Enter Your Phone Number: Provide your phone number when prompted. You’ll receive a verification code via text message or voice call.
  3. Receive the Code: Wait for the code to arrive on your phone through either text or voice call.
  4. Enter the Code: Once you get the code, enter it into the verification page.
  5. Congratulations! Your YouTube channel is now verified, and you can enjoy all the fantastic features that come with it.

FAQs About YouTube Channel Verification

Do I need a YouTube channel to verify it?

Yes, you must have an active YouTube channel before you can proceed with the verification process.

How long does it take to receive the verification code?

The code usually arrives within a few seconds, but it may take up to a minute or two in some cases.

Can I verify my channel using my landline number?

No, YouTube only accepts mobile phone numbers for verification.

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