Who is: Vikas Sahu

Founder of Sahu4You.Com, Vikas Sahu is a ProBlogger & Entrepreneur. Vikas runs a popular Hindi tech blog Sahu4You

Vikas Sahu is the CEO and founder of Sahu4You. Vikas Sahu’s Dream Startup Sahu4You is an amazing initiative to highlight the work of social change makers who have positively impacted society with their work and are not yet unfamiliar.

Vikas Sahu Founder of Sahu4You

Vikas Sahu, Founder of Sahu4You

I keep asking myself this question. When I wrote to me about me, I knew who I was. But not as a blogger yet. I will never meet most of you in real life. I do not know who all of you are or who I am in relation to you.

My Early Life

I am from a small town called Hanumangarh in Rajasthan, India. I did my study till 10th grade in my village itself. The thing is about the time when I got my first phone from 9th class, I was fond of internet, anyway 2G has taught me to be patient.

At the age of 15, I stopped giving importance to school education and that was the turning point in my life. Although studies continued, Internet addiction had become very dominating over me.

In 2012, I joined Facebook, initially something was not right, but gradually became part of a community. I learned a lot from Facebook, and from there I got inspired for blogging and created my first blog.

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Name Vikas Sahu
Born 25 January 1998
Nationality India
Education Govt NMPG College, Hanumangarh Town.
Residence Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India

Know About ME!

Who I’m?
  • Founder and Owner of Sahu4You.
  • Web Designer and Theme Developing.
  • Runs a popular Hindi tech blog Sahu4You.
My Websites
  • Sahu4You
  • Sahu4You Forum
  • Wait, Hmm Soon!
Support and Contacts
  • Admin@sahu4you.com
  • Terfeek@gmail.com

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