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EWS Full Form

EWS is an abbreviation seen frequently on government documents and application forms nowadays.

But what does EWS stand for and who is eligible for it? Let’s understand the full form and meaning of EWS certificate.

Full Form of EWS

EWS stands for Economically Weaker Section.

It is a certificate granted to economically disadvantaged households that meet certain criteria.

TermFull Form
EWSEconomically Weaker Sections

Who is Eligible for EWS Certificate?

To obtain an EWS certificate, the applicant must:

  • Belong to the general category
  • Have an annual family income below ₹8 lakh
  • Possess less than 5 acres of agricultural land
  • Have a residence less than 1000 sq. ft.
  • Not occupy any government jobs

Why is EWS Certificate Required?

EWS certificate allows eligible persons to claim quotas and benefits in government jobs, admissions, housing schemes etc.

It aims to uplift citizens from lower income groups.

Differences from OBC Certificate

EWS and OBC categories both offer reservation benefits but have different eligibility.

  • EWS is for poor General category families.
  • OBC is for persons belonging to designated backward castes.

In summary, EWS or Economically Weaker Section certificate enables poorer families to avail quotas despite being in the general category. It is issued by states as per central government guidelines.