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KREA.ai – Real-Time AI Image Generator

Krea AI is an AI-powered creative tool that allows anyone to enhance or generate high-quality visuals like patterns, logos, videos etc using text prompts.

What is KREA AI?

Krea AI is a revolutionary creative tool designed to empower users to generate high-quality visuals with an AI that is attuned to their unique styles, concepts, or products.

It stands out as a beacon of innovation in the AI tech landscape, offering a platform where creativity knows no bounds.

Key Features:

  • AI Patterns – Creates beautiful patterns from logos and text prompts in seconds
  • Logo Illusions – Transforms logos into visual illusions
  • AnimateDiff – Generates impressive videos from text prompts quickly
  • Studio Projects – Infinite canvas to manage all AI generations
  • AI Training – Option to teach aesthetic preferences to the AI in real-time


  • Empowers creativity through easy AI-generated visuals
  • Unique ability to train the AI engine on personal styles and concepts
  • Features like Smart Object Removal, Dark Mode, Mobile Support etc.
  • Access to Community AI Models and continuous innovation


Krea AI makes AI-based content creation easy and accessible to all.

Krea AI offers two plans:

Krea Free and Krea Pro.

Krea Pro

Krea Free is free and includes:

  • 50 image creations per day
  • 10 video creations per day
  • 3 AI tutorials after signing in
  • Up to 2 simultaneous image creations

However, it doesn’t include a commercial license, fast creations, private images, and additional AI tutorials. So, the artworks you create are for personal use only.

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