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Designs AI


Discover how Designs AI empowers creatives with its cutting-edge AI-powered design tools, enabling effortless ideation and rapid iteration.

What is Designs AI?

Designs AI is a revolutionary platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance the design process. By combining advanced AI algorithms with intuitive tools, Designs AI empowers creatives, agencies, and businesses to generate diverse design concepts, iterate rapidly, and bring their creative visions to life with unprecedented efficiency.


Accelerates ideation and concept generation
Enables rapid iteration and exploration
Enhances creative productivity
Wide range of design templates and assets


Requires human input and guidance
Potential for biased or limited AI outputs
Learning curve for advanced features

Key Features

AI-Powered Design Generation: Designs AI's cutting-edge AI algorithms can generate a diverse range of design concepts, layouts, and visual assets based on your input and preferences, enabling a seamless ideation process.

Rapid Iteration and Exploration: With the ability to quickly iterate and explore multiple design variations, Designs AI empowers creatives to experiment and refine their ideas until they achieve their desired outcome.

Design Asset Library: Access a vast library of design templates, icons, illustrations, and other visual assets, all curated and optimized for use with Designs AI's tools, ensuring consistent and professional results.

Collaboration and Feedback: Seamlessly collaborate with team members, clients, or stakeholders through real-time commenting and feedback features, streamlining the design review process.

Pricing and Availability

Designs AI offers a subscription-based pricing model with the following plans:

Starter: $19/month, includes basic AI-powered design generation and limited asset access.

Pro: $49/month, adds advanced AI capabilities, unlimited asset access, and real-time collaboration tools.

Enterprise: Custom pricing based on team size, usage requirements, and additional features like priority support and API access.

Designs AI is available as a web-based platform accessible from any device with an internet connection. Native desktop applications for Windows and macOS are also in development.



Designs AI is a game-changer in the world of design, empowering creatives and businesses to unlock their full potential through the power of artificial intelligence. With its intuitive tools, vast asset library, and cutting-edge AI algorithms, Designs AI accelerates the ideation and iteration process, enabling rapid exploration and refinement of design concepts. Whether you're a freelance designer, a creative agency, or a business seeking to enhance your visual identity, Designs AI is the ultimate platform to streamline your design workflows and elevate your creative output.

Published at:May 31, 2024 (1mo ago)