Unleash the power of efficient notetaking and knowledge organization with Eightify, the AI-driven app that streamlines your workflow and boosts productivity.


What is Eightify AI?

Eightify is a groundbreaking AI tool that pairs the summarization power of ChatGPT with the vast knowledge base of YouTube. It transforms lengthy videos into concise, actionable summaries, making it easier than ever to extract key insights from tutorials, lectures, and thought-provoking content.

PricingFreemium (Basic free, Pro at $7.99/mo)
Best ForLearners, researchers, productivity buffs
AvailabilityWeb app, Chrome extension, Firefox add-on


  • ChatGPT-quality summaries
  • Time-stamped key points
  • Multi-format output: text, audio, mind maps


  • Free plan limited to 5 mins/day
  • Quality depends on video clarity
  • No mobile app (use mobile web)

Key Features:

  • ChatGPT-powered video summarization
  • Interactive timestamps for quick navigation
  • Summary formats: text, bullet points, audio
  • Mind map generation for visual learners
  • Playlist and channel summarization
  • Integration with note-taking apps
  • Multilingual summary translation

Pricing and Availability:

Eightify's freemium model ensures everyone can taste its power. The Basic plan offers 5 minutes of free summarization daily - perfect for a quick video. For voracious learners, the Pro plan at $7.99 per month provides unlimited summaries, all formats, and note-taking integrations. Access Eightify via their web app at https://www.eightify.app/, or install browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox to summarize directly on YouTube.


Published at:May 24, 2024 (2mo ago)
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