Interior AI

Interior AI


Interior AI leverages cutting-edge AI to instantly revamp interiors, offering photorealistic renders and virtual staging for real estate.

What is Interior AI?

Interior AI is revolutionizing the way we approach interior design. With its AI-driven virtual staging and Sketch2Image™ technology, it offers instant transformations of living spaces. Whether you're a professional designer or a homeowner, Interior AI provides a quick, cost-effective way to visualize and experiment with different styles and layouts. The tool's ability to generate photorealistic renders from sketches or basic wireframes is particularly impressive, making it a valuable asset for design ideation and real estate marketing.

Use Cases:

  • AI-Powered Virtual Staging: Instantly furnish and decorate empty spaces.
  • Sketch2Image™ Technology: Turn sketches into photorealistic renders.
  • Diverse Style Options: Choose from over 50 interior styles.
  • 3D Flythrough Videos: Create immersive virtual tours of designed spaces.
  • Real Estate Enhancement: Boost property appeal and value with virtual staging.


Instant interior transformations with AI
High-quality, photorealistic visualizations
Wide variety of design styles to choose from
Valuable tool for interior designers and realtors
Enhances real estate listings with virtual staging


Premium model may not be accessible to all users
Requires high-quality images for best results
Internet connection needed for full functionality

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Published at:May 24, 2024 (1mo ago)