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Korbit.ai streamlines software development with GenAI PR Reviewer, offering instant code reviews and actionable insights on GitHub.

What is Korbit AI?

Korbit.ai is revolutionizing the software development process by providing instant, AI-powered code reviews directly within your GitHub workflow.

With Korbit.ai, developers can accelerate their PR code reviews, detect issues early, and receive guidance on how to fix them efficiently.


Accelerates PR review process
Improves code quality
Upskills engineering teams


Depends on the complexity of code for accurate reviews
Requires GitHub integration

Features of Korbit.ai

  • Instant PR Code Reviews: Get immediate feedback on your pull requests with Korbit.ai's GenAI PR Reviewer.
  • Actionable Insights: Korbit.ai not only identifies issues but also provides explanations and recommendations for fixes.
  • Seamless GitHub Integration: Integrate Korbit.ai into your GitHub PR workflow effortlessly.

Frequently asked questions

Published at:May 26, 2024 (1mo ago)