MyHeritage Reimagine

how MyHeritage Reimagine uses AI to animate old photos, creating lifelike videos that breathe new life into cherished memories.

What is MyHeritage Reimagine?

MyHeritage Reimagine is an innovative feature offered by MyHeritage, a leading online genealogy platform. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to animate old, static photos, bringing them to life in a remarkable way. With Reimagine, you can witness your ancestors or loved ones from the past seemingly move, blink, and subtly shift their expressions, creating a truly mesmerizing and emotional experience.


  • Brings old photos to life with realistic animations
  • Creates a profound connection with ancestors and family history
  • Easy to use and share animated videos
  • Preserves cherished memories in a unique way
  • Cutting-edge AI technology makes it possible


  • Some users may find the animations unsettling or unrealistic
  • Limited to certain types of photos (e.g., portrait shots, clear facial features)
  • Potential privacy concerns with uploading personal photos
  • Animations may not always be accurate or true to life

Key Features of MyHeritage Reimagine

  • Photo Animation: Reimagine uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the facial features and expressions in your static photos, and then animates them with realistic movements, creating a lifelike video.
  • Multiple Animation Styles: You can choose from various animation styles, such as smiling, nodding, or even blinking, to bring your photos to life in different ways.
  • Easy Sharing: Once your photos are animated, you can easily share the resulting videos with family and friends, allowing them to witness the magic of seeing their ancestors or loved ones seemingly come alive.
  • Privacy and Security: MyHeritage takes privacy and security seriously, ensuring that your uploaded photos are handled with utmost care and confidentiality.


Published at:May 28, 2024 (1mo ago)

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