Oso AI

Oso is a powerful authorization policy management solution that simplifies the process of implementing and maintaining access control rules across applications and services.


What is Oso?

Oso is an innovative authorization policy management solution that empowers organizations to streamline and enforce access control rules across their applications and services.

By abstracting authorization logic from application code, Oso enables developers to define and manage access policies in a centralized and scalable manner, ensuring consistent and secure access control implementations.


  • Centralized policy management
  • Declarative policy language
  • Scalable and high-performance
  • Integrations and extensions
  • Audit trails and logging


  • Learning curve for policy language
  • Potential vendor lock-in
  • Reliance on external service

Key Features:

  • Declarative Policy Language: Oso provides a powerful and expressive declarative policy language, allowing developers to define access control rules using a human-readable and maintainable syntax.
  • Centralized Policy Management: Consolidate and manage access control policies in a centralized location, ensuring consistent enforcement across multiple applications and services, and facilitating easier policy auditing and updates.
  • Scalable and High-Performance: Oso's architecture is designed for scalability and high-performance, enabling efficient policy evaluation and decision-making, even in complex and high-traffic environments.
  • Integrations and Extensions: Oso seamlessly integrates with various programming languages, frameworks, and databases, allowing for easy adoption and extension of its capabilities to meet specific organizational needs.
  • Audit Trails and Logging: Gain visibility into access control decisions with Oso's comprehensive audit trails and logging capabilities, enabling effective monitoring, compliance, and security incident response.


Published at:May 28, 2024 (2mo ago)
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