Screenity AI

Screenity offers a free, private, and feature-rich screen recording experience for Chrome users. Perfect for tutorials, demos, and more.


Screenity shines as a privacy-friendly screen recorder that's both free and open-source. With no time limits and a user-friendly interface, it's ideal for creating tutorials, demos, and presentations. Its annotation tools, such as drawing and text, enhance the recording experience, while the option to self-host adds a layer of privacy and control.

The absence of data collection and the ability to record unlimited videos make Screenity a top choice for users prioritizing privacy and functionality.

Use Cases:

  • Unlimited Recordings: No restrictions on the length or number of recordings.
  • Privacy-Focused: No data collection and self-hosting capabilities.
  • Annotation Tools: Draw, add text, and create arrows on your recordings.
  • No Sign-In Required: Start recording immediately without any account.
  • Open Source: Freedom to modify and contribute to the software.


  • Completely free with no hidden costs
  • Privacy-centric with no data collection
  • Unlimited recording time for comprehensive captures
  • Annotation tools for interactive recordings
  • Open-source nature allows for community-driven improvements


  • Limited to Chrome and Chromium-based browsers
  • Local storage of videos may require significant disk space
  • Lacks cloud-based sharing options in the current version

Frequently Asked Questions

Published at:May 21, 2024 (2mo ago)
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