Video Tutor

Video Tutor creates concise educational summaries from long videos in your preferred language, boosting learning efficiency.


What is Video Tutor?

Video Tutor is an innovative AI tool for generating educational summaries from lengthy videos in your preferred language. It's designed to improve learning efficiency by condensing key information from educational content. Video Tutor leverages natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to extract essential points, making it easier for students and professionals to grasp complex topics quickly.

Video TutorDetails
PricingFreemium model with basic features available at no cost
Best ForStudents, educators, professionals seeking efficient learning
AvailabilityWeb-based platform accessible globally

Pros and Cons:


  • Saves time by condensing long videos
  • Supports multiple languages for wider accessibility
  • Improves retention of key information


  • May miss nuanced details in complex topics
  • Accuracy depends on video quality and clarity
  • Limited customization options in free version

Key Features:

  • Multilingual support for diverse learners
  • Customizable summary length
  • Integration with popular video platforms
  • Text-to-speech option for audio summaries
  • Keyword extraction for quick reference
  • Progress tracking and analytics

Pricing and Availability:

  • Free tier: Basic summarization features with limited video length
  • Premium plan: Advanced features, longer videos, and priority processing
  • Enterprise solutions: Custom pricing for educational institutions
  • Available worldwide through web browsers on desktop and mobile devices


Published at:June 28, 2024 (1mo ago)
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