September 12, 2023 (1y ago)

What is Full Form and Meaning of the Government Railway Police Force (GRPF). The Government Railway Police Force, commonly abbreviated as GRPF, is a specialized police force that ensures safety, security and orderly conduct across the vast railway network in India.

But what exactly does GRPF stand for and what is its role? Let's find out. It is also sometimes referred to as GRP or Government Railway Police.

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What is Full Form of GRPF:

Full Form: The full form of GRPF is Government Railway Police Force.

The Government Railway Police, abbreviated as GRP, is the police force of the Indian Railways. It was established by the Railway Act, 1989 of the Parliament of India.

Its duties are analogous to the duties of district police in areas under their jurisdiction, such as patrolling, but only on railway property.

It is the parent agency and a subsidiary of the Railway Protection Force, whose primary duty is to protect all railway property.

GRPF is a security force established under the Railways Act of 1989.Its members are recruited from state police departments and trained specially to handle railway security.The GRPF works closely with the Railway Protection Force (RPF) to maintain law and order as well as protect passengers, trains and railway property.Key Responsibilities:Maintaining security at railway platforms, yards, trains, offices, workshops etc.Preventing crimes like theft, smuggling, sabotage, and ensuring passenger safety.Investigating crimes committed on railways and prosecuting criminals.Managing crowds, protests or any situations that disrupt railway operations.Attending to medical emergencies, accidents, deaths etc.Handling lost and found items left on trains.Assisting railway authorities in their duties and functions.Keeping a check on fraudulent activities towards railway administration.GRPF vs RPF:While the GRPF and RPF work closely together, the key difference is that GRPF comes under state police control while RPF falls under the Railway Ministry.GRPF's jurisdiction extends to railway premises and trains only while RPF also handles security on rail tracks, bridges etc.

In summary, the Government Railway Police Force plays an indispensable role in ensuring the safety of railway passengers as well as the security of trains and railway infrastructure through dedicated service.

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Their presence across India's vast railway network provides a sense of assurance and protection for all.