August 26, 2023 (1y ago)


INS is an acronym commonly seen in relation to immigration and border security topics. But what does INS stand for?

Let's find out the full form and meaning of INS.

Full Form of INS

INS stands for Immigration and Naturalization Service.

It was a government agency in the United States that regulated immigration into the country and administered naturalization of immigrants till 2003.

History of INS

The INS was established in 1933 under the Department of Labor to centralize control over immigration processes.

In 1940, the INS was moved to the Department of Justice. It remained under this department until abolition in 2003.

Role of INS

As an agency, the key responsibilities handled by INS included:

Overseeing and managing immigration servicesProcessing visa applicationsIssuing Green CardsControlling borders and preventing illegal immigrationRegulating entry at airports/seaportsRunning background checks on applicantsConferring citizenship through naturalization processAbolition of INS

In 2003, the INS was abolished as part of a major government restructuring.

Its functions were distributed among three new agencies under the Department of Homeland Security - USCIS, ICE, and CBP.

So in summary, INS refers to the now defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service that previously handled immigration processes in the United States.

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