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LPA is a commonly used abbreviation with several meanings across sectors like medical, legal, jobs, salary and more. Let's explore the various full forms of LPA in different contexts.

What is full form of LPA?

LPA stands for Lakhs Per Annum. A lakh refers to 100,000 rupees. So 1 LPA equals

LPA Full Form in Salary:

When it comes to compensation in India, LPA stands for Lakh(s) Per Annum. It denotes the annual salary package of an individual in lakhs of rupees.

For example - A salary of ₹10 LPA means 10 lakhs per year. Higher LPA signifies a higher pay package.

In the job industry, LPA may also be used to denote Lakh Per Annum Cost to Company. It represents the total annual compensation package including all perks and benefits.

LPA Full Form in Legal Context

In legal terminology, LPA is an abbreviation for Lasting Power of Attorney. It authorizes one person to make decisions on behalf of another in case of incapacitation.

There are two types of LPAs - Property and Financial Affairs LPA and Health and Welfare LPA.

LPA Full Form in Meteorology

In meteorology, LPA refers to Low Pressure Area. An LPA is an area wherein the atmospheric pressure is lower than surrounding areas, often leading to storms and turbulence.

LPA Full Form in Hindi

In Hindi, the full form of LPA is "लीटर प्रति वर्ग मीटर" which stands for Litres Per Square Meter. It is used to measure rainfall intensity in meteorology.

LPA Full Form in Medical Terms

In the medical field, LPA is short for Left Posterior Anterior. It refers to the technical directionality of an X-Ray imaging view from the left side of the rear of the body.

How to Calculate Monthly Salary from LPA

Knowing your LPA amount is useful, but you likely get paid monthly. So how do you determine your monthly earnings from an annual LPA figure?

Here is the simple calculation:

Monthly Salary = (Annual LPA Salary / 12 months)

For example:

If your LPA is ₹6 lakhs6 lakhs / 12 months = ₹50,000 per month

So an LPA of 6 would equal a monthly salary of Rs 50,000.

Let's look at some more examples:

₹10 LPA would equal ₹83,333 per month (10 lakhs / 12)₹25 LPA would equal ₹2,08,333 per month (25 lakhs / 12)₹1 crore LPA would equal ₹8,33,333 per month (100 lakhs / 12)

So in this way you can easily calculate your monthly earnings from your annual LPA salary.


So in summary, LPA can stand for varied terms like Litres Per Square Meter, Left Posterior Anterior, Lasting Power of Attorney, Low Pressure Area and Lakh Per Annum CTC depending on the field. Being aware of these meanings can help avoid confusion when the abbreviation LPA is used.

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