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The abbreviation OSD stands for Officer on Special Duty. It is a designation used in the Indian civil services for officers appointed to special temporary assignments.

Let's understand more about their role, responsibilities, qualifications and salary range.

What is an OSD?

An Officer on Special Duty is assigned to take up specific time-bound projects or tasks of strategic importance.

They are given the rank equivalent to a secretary or under-secretary in the government.OSDs report directly to senior officials like Ministers or Department Heads.They are appointed for short-term duration ranging from few months to 1-2 years.Key Responsibilities of an OSDUndertake special initiatives and priority projects for the department.Conduct research, data analysis and provide inputs for policy decisions.Coordinate with multiple agencies and stakeholders.Prepare reports and briefings for the leadership.Track progress of programmes and suggest improvements.Eligibility and Qualifications

The minimum criteria to be appointed as an OSD includes:

Master's degree or higher qualification like CA, MBA.At least 3 years of prior work experience.Strong analytical and communication abilities.Salary Range for OSD RolesOSDs typically earn between ₹1.5 - 20 lakhs annually, depending on their role and experience.The average OSD salary is approximately ₹6.3 lakhs per annum.Higher compensation of ₹15 - ₹20 lakhs can be expected for OSDs in regulatory bodies, PSUs etc.FAQ:

What is the salary of an OSD officer?

The salary of an OSD officer in India varies, with an average annual range of ₹1.5 Lakhs to ₹20.0 Lakhs.

What are the powers of an OSD?

An OSD holds powers of coordination, administrative management, and facilitating communication between various levels of officials and departments.

What qualifications are required for an OSD?

To be eligible for an OSD position, candidates must possess a Master's Degree, BE/B.Tech, a 2-year PG Diploma in Management, LLB, CA, ICWA, or any professional degree acquired after 10+2 and a study duration of 4 years or more.

In summary, OSDs are entrusted with executing special assignments that require focused attention and domain expertise. Their temporary role allows quick mobilization on priority initiatives.

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