August 23, 2023 (1y ago)


POV is an acronym that has become popular online, especially on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

But what does POV actually stand for and what does it mean? This post will break down the full form and definition of POV to help you understand this viral term.

The full form of POV is “Point of View." In Hindi, POV means “Drishti Kona."Point of view refers to the perspective from which a story is told or depicted. It is the position from which something or someone is observed.On social media like Instagram Reels and TikTok, POV represents the viewpoint of the person making the video. For example, “POV: You're in the front row of my concert" means the video will show the viewer the perspective of being in the front row at the creator's imaginary concert.POV is used in memes and captions to set up the perspective or viewpoint that the meme/video will display. It sets the stage and context.POV became popular online around 2020 and is now widely used on social media to set up skits, scenarios, and relatable situations.The usage of POV took off during the COVID-19 pandemic when creators made more immersive and imaginative content since they were stuck at home.

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In summary, POV stands for “Point of View” and is used online to indicate the perspective or viewpoint from which a video creator is depicting a scene or story. It invites the viewer to see the scenario through the creator's eyes. Understanding what POV means will help you better comprehend viral social media trends and memes.

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