September 10, 2023 (1y ago)

Are you curious about the full form of PVR and the story behind it? This post will provide you with the journey of Priya Village Roadshow (PVR Cinemas), one of India's leading cinema chains.

Let us know about the history, ownership, origin and its full form of PVR.

What is PVR in Cinemas?

The full form of PVR is Priya Village Roadshow, a name that has become synonymous with top-tier cinematic experiences in India.

Established in 1997, PVR has emerged as a prominent player in the entertainment industry, offering a diverse range of movie options to audiences across the nation.

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Who is Owner of PVR Cinemas?

At the helm of PVR Cinemas is Ajay Bijli, the visionary founder, chairman, and managing director of the company.

Working alongside him is his brother, Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, who serves as the Joint Managing Director of PVR Ltd.

The Bijli brothers have played a pivotal role in shaping PVR's success story.

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History Behind the Priya Village Roadshow

The name "Priya Village Roadshow" finds its roots in a piece of cinema history. The company's name pays homage to "Priya Cinema," a theater located in South Delhi.

The cinema was acquired by Ajay Bijli's father in 1978. This legacy of cinema appreciation became the foundation upon which PVR was built.

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FAQ: What is PVR and its Full Form

What does PVR Full Form in cinema?

Full Form of PVR is Priya Village Roadshow, a leading cinema chain in India.

Who is the founder of PVR Cinemas?

Ajay Bijli is the founder, chairman, and managing director of PVR Cinemas.

What is the significance of the name "Priya Village Roadshow"?

The name is a tribute to "Priya Cinema," a theater owned by Ajay Bijli's family.

The Bottom Line

PVR Cinemas Full Form, Priya Village Roadshow, encapsulates a legacy of cinematic excellence.

Founded by Ajay Bijli, PVR has evolved into a powerhouse in the entertainment landscape.

The connection to "Priya Cinema" underscores the deep-rooted passion for cinema that drives PVR's success.

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