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SBTET stands for State Board of Technical Education and Training. It is an organization created by the Government of Telangana to promote the development of technical education in the state.

In this post, we will explore the full form of SBTET, its meaning, functions, and more.

SBTET is a state-level board that oversees technical and vocational education in the state. It primarily focuses on diploma-level technical and non-technical vocational courses.

What is the Full Form of SBTET?SBTET stands for State Board of Technical Education and Training.It is also known as State Board of Technical Education and Training Telangana State (SBTET-TS).What is the Meaning and Purpose of SBTET?

SBTET operates under the Department of Technical Education, Government of Telangana. Its main purpose is:

To formulate policies for technical education in the state.To review and update syllabi as needed.To supervise teaching in technical institutions.To conduct exams and award certificates.To establish new technical courses and polytechnics.To affiliate educational institutions.To provide training to teachers.Major Functions of SBTET

The major functions carried out by SBTET include:

Advising the government on technical education development.Liaising with AICTE's SRC (Southern Regional Committee).Formulating schemes for the state.Affiliating and recognizing diploma institutions.Prescribing courses of study.Inspecting institutes periodically.Conducting exams and awarding diplomas/certificates.Fostering industry partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SBTET stand for?

SBTET stands for State Board of Technical Education and Training. It is also known as SBTET Telangana State.

What is the role of SBTET?

SBTET plays a key role in regulating technical education in Telangana. It oversees curriculum, teaching standards, exams, affiliations, and industry partnerships for diploma-level technical courses.

What types of institutes come under SBTET?

Polytechnics and other institutes offering diploma courses in engineering, pharmacy, HMCT, and more come under SBTET. It affiliates and recognizes these institutes.


In summary, SBTET or State Board of Technical Education and Training is a regulatory body governing diploma-level technical education in the state of Telangana. It plays a crucial role in maintaining education standards, conducting exams, affiliations, and enhancing skills training.

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