Meaning of Squishy

August 23, 2023 (1y ago)

The word "squishy" has become quite popular in recent times as a fun and affectionate way to describe someone.

But what exactly does squishy mean? Let's explore the various meanings and uses of this slang term.

What Does Squishy Mean?

The core meaning of squishy is something that is soft, squishable, and pliable. However, when used to describe a person, squishy takes on an endearing and positive connotation.

Squishy Girl/Boy Meaning

Calling someone a "squishy girl" or "squishy boy" means they are super cute and adorable, like a soft, huggable plushie! It's often used for a crush or romantic interest.

Squishy Person Meaning

More broadly, a "squishy person" refers to someone with a warm, sweet, gentle personality. It evokes images of a kind, comforting, affectionate human being.

Squishy Cutie Meaning

"Squishy cutie" combines squishy with cutie to emphasize endearment. It's used to expresses fondness for someone absolutely adorable.

Squishy Baby Meaning

Squishy baby carries the same cute and cuddly connotation for an endearing child or baby. It suggests softness and chubbiness!

How to Pronounce Squishy

Squishy is pronounced as "skwi-shee" "स्क्विशी" (hindi) with a soft i sound. The word itself imitates a squeezing or squishing sound.

In summary, squishy in slang refers to an utterly lovable, sweet, and adorable person. It packs affection into one fun, quirky word! So next time you want to call someone super cute, squishy says it all.

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