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UHID, or Unique Health Identification, a 14-digit number that has the potential to revolutionize the way your health information is managed.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of UHID, exploring how to obtain one, its benefits, and the significance it holds in the realm of healthcare.

What is UHID?

UHID, the acronym for Unique Health Identification, is a 14-digit alphanumeric code.

This code is generated randomly and assigned to patients during their first visit to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

It serves as a unique identifier for each patient within the AIIMS healthcare system.

How Can I Get My UHID Number?

Obtaining your UHID number is a straightforward process. As mentioned earlier, it is assigned to patients during their initial visit to AIIMS.

The healthcare staff at AIIMS will generate this unique identifier for you, and it will be associated with your medical records.

The primary purpose of the UHID number is to streamline and centralize your healthcare information.

It ensures that your medical history is accurately recorded and easily accessible to authorized healthcare providers within the AIIMS network.

What Are the Benefits of a UHID Card?

Now that you know how to obtain your UHID number, let's explore the benefits it offers:

Streamlined Healthcare: With your UHID number, your medical history is at your fingertips. This simplifies the process of accessing your records during follow-up visits or consultations.Accurate Record-Keeping: UHID eliminates the risk of errors associated with manual record-keeping. It ensures that your medical information is maintained accurately, reducing the chances of misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment.Efficient Healthcare Services: When your medical history is readily available through your UHID, healthcare providers can make quicker and more informed decisions about your care, potentially saving crucial time in emergency situations.Integration with Aadhaar: AIIMS has proposed the integration of UHID with Aadhaar, the unique identification system for Indian residents. This move has the potential to democratize healthcare by linking a person's health records with their Aadhaar, simplifying access to medical information across various healthcare facilities.UHID Login

To access your UHID-related information online, AIIMS provides a user-friendly login portal.

This portal allows you to view and manage your medical records, appointments, and other healthcare-related details conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the UHID number applicable only at AIIMS?

Initially, UHID is generated for patients visiting AIIMS. However, the proposed integration with Aadhaar has the potential to make your UHID applicable across various healthcare facilities.

Can I access my UHID records online?

Yes, AIIMS provides an online portal for UHID login, allowing you to access and manage your medical records digitally.

Is my UHID number the same as my Aadhaar number?

No, your UHID number is distinct from your Aadhaar number. However, AIIMS is working towards linking the two for enhanced healthcare services.


In a world where healthcare is becoming increasingly digital and interconnected, UHID stands as a beacon of innovation. It offers a simple yet effective solution to the challenges of managing medical records. With its benefits, including streamlined healthcare, accurate record-keeping, and the potential for integration with Aadhaar, UHID is shaping the future of healthcare in India.

So, the next time you visit AIIMS, remember that your UHID number isn't just a random code—it's your key to a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare experience. Embrace this technological advancement, and take control of your health records like never before!

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