September 9, 2023 (1y ago)

UNFCCC is an acronym commonly seen in relation to climate change discussions and policymaking. But what does UNFCCC stand for? Let's find out the full form and objectives of UNFCCC.

Full Form of UNFCCC

UNFCCC stands for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

It is an international environmental treaty adopted in 1992 to tackle climate change.

History of UN Climate Change

UNFCCC was established during the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro by United Nations members.

It entered into force in 1994 and has near universal membership with 197 parties.

Goal of UNFCCC

The key objectives of UNFCCC are:

To stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.To prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system.Role of UNFCCC

UNFCCC provides:

A framework for negotiating international treaties on climate change.A forum for countries to share information and policies.Mechanisms to support climate adaptation in developing nations.Key AchievementsThe Kyoto Protocol was formulated under UNFCCC in 1997.The Paris Agreement was adopted under UNFCCC in 2015.

In summary, UNFCCC or United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change provides an international framework for collaborative action on climate change.

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