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December 31, 2023 (1y ago)

Do you ever feel nostalgic for the simpler times of the 90’s? From the music to the fashion, the 90’s era has a certain iconic style that is fun to look back on.

Well, thanks to recent advances in AI technology, now you can actually add yourself into authentic looking 90’s high school yearbook photos!

It’s a totally rad way to celebrate the decade or just get some laughs from the crazy clothes and hair.

How Does the AI Yearbook Photo Process Work?

The AI behind these nostalgic photo generators has been trained on actual high school yearbooks from the 1990s. It has learned the styles of portraits, posed photos, backgrounds, outfits, hairstyles and picture quality that were common in that era.

To create your own AI generated 90’s senior photo, school club photo or prom picture, you simply provide the AI with a recent headshot photo of yourself. The AI seamlessly inserts your face into its library of backgrounds, fits it with period appropriate hair, clothes, and accessories, and adjusts the final image to match 90’s picture fidelity.

In just minutes, you’ll have multiple photos with your face convincingly transported back to the trendy or cringy styles of 90's high schoolers!

Fun Themes for 90’s Style AI Photos

Part of the fun is picking themes and poses that were popular for senior photos and school events back in the 90’s. You can choose from classics like:

  • Cheesy prom photos with awful dresses and towering hairdos
  • Awkward yearbook grins against colorful abstract backgrounds
  • Dramatic senior portraits in cap and gown...or leather jacket
  • Rocking the lacrosse team with giant bangs under your helmet

The AI handles the set up – all you need to provide is a basic selfie! For best results use a simple headshot photo that clearly shows your face and hairstyle.

Generate Nostalgic 90's Yearbook Photos with AI

To get started, you'll need to download the Epik - AI Photo Editor app on your iPhone or Android device. This free app lets you create AI-generated photos in different styles, including the 90s yearbook look.

Whether you actually attended school in the 90’s or just want to sport the funky styles for laughs, AI generated yearbook and senior photos make for an entertaining blast from the past!

Channel the decade’s best bad fashion and corny poses for some solid nostalgia. Totally phat!

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