Discover the power of AI-assisted songwriting with ChordChord, the innovative music-making tool that empowers you to create captivating melodies and harmonies with ease.

Best forAI-assisted songwriting, music composition, and harmonization
Access optionsWeb-based, mobile app (iOS & Android)
PriceFreemium model with premium subscription options
Parent companyChordChord Inc.

What is ChordChord?

ChordChord is a revolutionary AI-powered music-making tool that empowers musicians, songwriters, and composers of all levels to unleash their creative potential. With its intuitive interface and advanced AI algorithms, ChordChord streamlines the songwriting process, offering intelligent suggestions for melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions, allowing users to explore new musical ideas and bring their artistic visions to life.


  • AI-assisted melody and harmony generation
  • Intuitive music composition and songwriting interface
  • Vast library of musical styles and genres to explore
  • Collaboration tools for co-writing and sharing ideas


  • Potential limitations in capturing complex musical nuances
  • Reliance on AI may reduce creative control for some users
  • Subscription required for full access to premium features

Key Features

  • Melody and Harmony Generation: Leverage ChordChord's AI capabilities to generate captivating melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions tailored to your preferences and musical styles.
  • Songwriting Assistant: Get real-time suggestions and feedback as you compose, allowing you to refine your ideas and explore new musical directions.
  • Genre and Style Exploration: Delve into a vast library of musical genres and styles, from pop and rock to classical and experimental, expanding your creative horizons.
  • Collaboration Tools: Invite collaborators and co-writers to join your projects, fostering seamless collaboration and idea-sharing within the ChordChord platform.

Pricing and Availability

ChordChord offers a freemium pricing model, allowing users to access basic music composition and songwriting features at no cost. For advanced capabilities, such as unlimited track creation, additional instrument libraries, and collaboration tools, users can upgrade to premium subscription plans.

The platform is available globally through a user-friendly web interface and dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, ensuring convenient access to musical inspiration anytime, anywhere.


ChordChord represents a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression, empowering musicians and songwriters to explore new realms of creativity. With its AI-assisted songwriting capabilities and intuitive interface, ChordChord promises to inspire and ignite the musical spark within, unleashing a world of captivating melodies and harmonies that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Published at:June 5, 2024 (1mo ago)
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