Clara Labs

Clara Labs is an innovative AI-powered scheduling assistant that interacts with you in natural language via email.


What is Clara Labs?

Clara Labs is a groundbreaking AI-powered scheduling assistant that revolutionizes the way you manage your calendar and appointments. Unlike traditional scheduling tools, Clara interacts with you and your team in natural language via email, just like a human assistant. With her advanced natural language processing capabilities, Clara understands context and nuance, making scheduling effortless and intuitive.

Clara LabsDetails
PricingSubscription plans available
Best ForProfessionals, teams, organizations
AvailabilityEmail integration, web app

Pros and Cons:


  • Natural language interaction for scheduling
  • Seamless email integration for convenience
  • Intelligent context understanding
  • Time-saving automation for routine tasks
  • Scalable for teams and organizations


  • Subscription costs for advanced features
  • Learning curve for optimal usage
  • Potential privacy concerns with email access

Key Features:

  • Natural language interaction via email for scheduling and calendar management
  • Advanced natural language processing for understanding context and nuance
  • Seamless integration with existing email and calendar applications
  • Intelligent automation of routine scheduling tasks and follow-ups
  • Scalable for teams and organizations with shared calendar management
  • Customizable preferences and settings for personalized experiences

Pricing and Availability:

Clara Labs offers a subscription-based pricing model with the following plans:

  • Basic Plan ($49/month): Includes essential scheduling features for individuals.
  • Pro Plan ($99/month): Unlocks advanced automation, team scheduling, and priority support.
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): For large organizations, with custom features, dedicated support, and enterprise-grade security.

Clara Labs integrates seamlessly with your existing email and calendar applications, allowing you to interact with the AI assistant directly through your inbox.


Published at:June 28, 2024 (1mo ago)
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